Which summer travel beverage matches your wayfaring personality?

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

Recently, it seems that everyone has a new appreciation for wanderlust. Whether it is a quick day trip or an extensive journey, it is time to pack the bags and leave the daily grind behind. But, all those adventures get people thirsty. Which summer travel beverage should be within reach?

Everyone has a different travel personality. Whether it is the planner, the go with the flow or something in between, the reality is that no two people are the same. Since that situation is the case, it makes sense that everyone’s summer travel beverage needs to fill the cooler.

Here are some summer travel beverage suggestions.

The Driver

Since the driver always needs to be alert and keep those eyes on the road, some caffeine can help. A classic choice would be a Diet Coke. Why not opt for a bottle with a cap so that it avoids any potential spillage, too.

Also, consider a snack like trail mix or food to enjoy with that Diet Coke. It is a non-messy snack and it can keep the driver energized. Plus, a few good breaks can be helpful, too.

The Passenger Seat

The lucky person who called shotgun might not have to play navigator, but they do get a good view. Since they get that special seat, why not grab a special drink. Consider having Fresca. Sometimes that classic bright, refreshing beverage just hits the spot.

And, it pairs with a variety of options. From some dried fruit to some yogurt, the options are many. Just do not spill or you might lose that coveted seat.

The Back Seat

While there are many jokes about being a back seat driver, the reality is that there can be some benefits from being in the back. Why not indulge in the big bag of chips and crunch away.

With those extra snacks, consider a fun beverage to make looking at the back of someone’s head more enjoyable. Consider a Fanta. Whether it is a classic orange or another fruity flavor, there are plenty of reasons to grab a Fanta.

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What is your favorite summer travel beverage? Do you grab a special beverage for that epic road trip?