Coors Light Thirst Trap keeps the summer party buzz kill away

Coors Light Thrist Trap, photo provided by Coors Light
Coors Light Thrist Trap, photo provided by Coors Light /

As the summer fun is in full swing, Coors Light does not want anything to dampen that experience. While there might be someone who falls in the pool or mistakenly spills that plate of potato salad, there reality is that one thing can make the summer fun come to an instant standstill. It is time to stop swatting and bring out the Coors Light Thirst Trap.

Mosquitos can be the biggest buzz kill to outdoor fun. While there can be special candles, sprays and other electrifying options, the reality is that little pests can kill big time fun.

Although some people might seem immune from those little bites and others seem to be swarmed by the buzzing, there might be some reasoning for the differences. The beer brand shared a study that said “drinking just 12 ounces of beer makes you more likely to get bit by mosquitoes.” Since no one wants to put down that beer, there has to be a better way to avoid the dreaded bite.

As Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands, said “Warm weather, outdoor activities, and laidback chilling are some of the reasons why summer is undeniably the best season of the year. But with the good also comes the bad, and pesky mosquitoes can be a buzzkill. The Coors Light Thirst Trap is an attachment designed to fit on a 12 ounce can of Coors Light and will lure mosquitoes into the can with no way out.”

This device is relatively simple. It attaches to the beer can. This video shows how it works. But, just be careful that you do not mistakenly grab the wrong beer.

Thinking about this idea, it is one of those concepts where someone should have made it before. From ensuring beer does not go to waste to an easy way to rid the backyard of pests, it is a win win for everyone. Maybe grandpa was right, simple solutions can be the best ones.

The Coors Light Thirst Trap is available online for just $5 each. According to the beer brand, “limited number of traps each day at 10 a.m. CST from July 27 through August 5 (Monday-Friday only).”

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What do you think of this summer saver? Do you think drinking beer makes you more likely to be bite by mosquitoes?