Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites have everyone dipping for more

Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites photo provided by Wyman's
Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites photo provided by Wyman's /

While many people cannot help but scream for ice cream, sometimes that spoonful of frozen dessert needs a little extra. When no one wants a side of guilt, it is time to enjoy some Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites. Ready to get an extra helping of some tasty fruit?

Although everyone knows that healthy eating is part of any balanced lifestyle, it can be tempting to turn away from the fruit and grab the dessert. Sometimes the decision does not have to be either or.

Wyman’s has always been a leader in bringing delicious fruit to the family table. While the brand is best known for its wild Maine frozen blueberries, there is a bounty of food choices from the brand. Since 1874, the company understands that convenient, juicy fruit is the key to getting families to making those better for your food choices.

Still, a bowl of fruit might not be overly exciting. Even if that flavor delivers, people may want a little extra. No one wants to feel deprived by making the better for you food choice.

With the Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites, it is about bringing the fun to fruit. Similar to the idea of a “dot” ice cream, these fruit cups bring the flavor with a scoop full of simplicity. Frozen fruit with a dot of sweet creaminess is a winning combination. Plus, at just 45 calories or less per cup, everyone feels positive about that food choice.

The Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites are available in four flavors, wild blueberries, wild blueberries and mango, raspberries and strawberries and wild blueberries, strawberries and banana bites (a dairy free option). Although sometimes ice cream for breakfast can be a good choice, this offering from Wyman’s proves that you can have a frozen breakfast that does not require straw.

This food offering is a good idea to always have stocked in the freezer. Whether it is a quick snack, a light dessert or just because, it is a tasty way to ensure that the whole family gets a little more fruit in their day.

What do you think of the Wyman’s Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites? Are you ready to add some to your freezer?