SweeTARTS celebrates colorful creativity with its filmfest

SweeTARTS film festival, photo provided by SweeTARTS
SweeTARTS film festival, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

Life is never one dimensional. While there can be highs and lows, there is an appreciation that all parts of the individual should be celebrated. During the SweeTARTS filmfest, that “Be Both” mentality is on display in the most creative way.

Candy can be more than a sweet treat. Over the years, that snack has been transformed into fashion, a means of expression, or just a way to connect with others. While it might be a simple notion, there is something endearing about enjoying a favorite candy.

More and more people are turning to social media as a form of expression. While doomscrolling might be a diversion, the people who provide that entertainment are creative. It is the reason why people cannot look away.

Given that TikTok has been front and center on everyone’s screens, SweeTARTS wants to celebrate that creativity with its filmfest. It is time to put those stories and storytellers in the spotlight.

As Jennifer Brownson, SweeTARTS Sr. Brand Manager at Ferrara said, “Starting with our name and fully captured in our motto of ‘Be Both,’ SweeTARTS believes powerful results are unleashed when you combine things that are seemingly opposite, like our unique Sweet and Tart profile. The SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok celebrates the seemingly contradictory combination of the everyday and impactful content, the powerful result of which is certainly worthy of its own film festival.”

The SweeTARTS filmfest begins on August 12. The categories are “Best Expression of ‘Be Both'”, “Best Story Time”, “Best Use of Video Tools” and “Best Colorful Creation.” The submissions do not have to have professional video quality, special effects or big budgets. It is about the story and storytelling behind the clip.

The submissions will be judged by a panel including TikTok sensation Xóchitl Gómez. Winners will be announced on her channel on October 6.

This concept celebrates the brand’s concept of celebrating everyone’s unique, colorful lives. Instead of having to pick one lane, side, or direction, the ability to be both, be different, be unique is a positive part of life. Creativity is the spark that keeps life interesting.

Ready to submit your take on these categories for the SweeTARTS filmfest? How do you celebrate your colorful self?