McDonald’s back to school deals are a week’s worth of savings

McDonald's Back to School promo, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's Back to School promo, photo provided by McDonald's /

As the school rings, parents might cheer, and kids might have a less than happy response. Even if many people long for another week of summer fun, the school bus will be rounding the corner. With a new backpack and sharpened pencils ready, it is time to hit the books. Luckily, the McDonald’s back to school deals are waiting to keep everyone satisfied with tasty treats.

For many families, back to school means busy schedules. Beyond the early alarm clocks buzzing and carefully planned after school activities, families have to balance everything. Even though there seems to be few free minutes in the day, the reality is that there can be one thing to derail the best laid plans, a hungry family who wants food now.

An easy, quick bite can be the difference between a happy car and one full of hangry individuals. Even if the drive-thru option is an occasional treat, the truth is that it can be a simple solution that keeps all those activities on schedule. Luckily, McDonald’s back to school deals can make the decision even easier.

Starting on August 15, McDonald’s back to school deals offer a week’s worth of specials that will make the transition back to the classroom easier. Simpler than applying the Pythagorean theorem or remembering the preamble to the Constitution, it is time to pull up the McDonald’s app and get saving.

Here are the McDonald’s back to school deals.

  • Monday (8/15): $1.01 McChicken
  • Tuesday (8/16): $2.01 Chicken or Sausage McGriddle + Large Coffee
  • Wednesday (8/17): $3.01: 10 McNuggets
  • Thursday (8/18): $4.01 Big Mac + Medium Fries
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus: “If you redeem each of the four Syllabus Week offers, you can get a 2X MyMcDonald’s Rewards bonus points accelerator on a single order between August 22-31.”

Whether these deals are the common food items that people order or push them to try something new, the special offerings are big savings. Just like that new outfit for back to school can make the new setting a little less daunting, these deals could be the satisfying savings to make that first week a little easier.

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Will you snag these McDonald’s back to school deals? What other restaurant offerings entice you to make a stop?