Miller Lite Grill Share ensures everyone can light the flame

Miller Lite Grill Share, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite Grill Share, photo provided by Miller Lite /

For many people summer is synonymous with grilling. From the first warm day to the dog days of summer, the aroma of charcoal can make many people’s stomachs grumble. But, not everyone has access to a grill. From that tiny apartment without a balcony to the unfortunate mishap with a propane tank, some people might have grill envy. With the Miller Lite Grill Share, everyone can get a taste of summer’s favorite cooking technique.

According to Miller Lite, “30% of U.S. households are without a grill.” While many people who love gathering around that backyard cooking area might find that number shocking, city dwellers can understand the plight. The sweet smell of charcoal or the love of a perfectly charred burger may not happen in that apartment. Although some restaurants could satisfy that craving, there is something satisfying about cooking over the open flame.

Before the summer ends, Miller Lite wants to give more people the opportunity to light the grill. With the Miller Lite Grill Share, more people can join in the summer tradition.

As Eric Wolfe, Marketing Manager for Miller Lite said, “In the summer, there’s no better way to enjoy Miller Time than by gathering around a grill. That’s why Miller Lite is making it more accessible than ever to have a great-tasting grill-cooked meal. Whether you’re without a grill or looking for one more cookout, grab your friends, family and favorite foods and visit a Grill Share station. We’ll see you there!”

The Miller Lite Grill Share will open special stations in New York City and Chicago on August 12 and 13. Reservations are open now at Each rental comes with “spatula, apron, folding beach chair with umbrella, and a $25 gift card.”

Whether you cook a beer can chicken, burgers, or something completely unique is up to the person manning the flame. More importantly, this special event is a great way to make some new friends. Just like the kitchen is often the center of a party, the grill is the gathering place for summer entertaining. Just think of the spirited conversations that will be had during this special event.

Also, Miller Lite is giving away a Miller Lite Grill. For anyone looking to upgrade their backyard kitchen, this giveaway could be a satisfying reward.

Do not let the summer pass without at least one meal cooked on the open flame. After all, grilling is the only cooking method to impart flavor. Doesn’t your food deserve that flavor upgrade?