Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar captures that vibe in a bite

Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar, photo provided by Miller
Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar, photo provided by Miller /

While it might be the Champagne of Beers, there is something unpretentious about Miller High Life. The classic beer is as enjoyable for the special occasion as it is in that dive bar. With the new Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar, one bite captures all the atmosphere, smells, and tastes that people know all too well.

Anyone who has stepped into a dive bar knows that the drinking experience is about having a good time. There is no velvet rope, bottle service or roped off VIP area.

Whether it is the shag carpet on the wall, the slightly sticky floor or that slightly musty aroma, those characteristics make it unique. Sure, no one really wants the lights on, but that ambiance is welcoming. No judgments, always a cold beer waiting and a memorable time while drinking that pint.

Often front and center in a dive bar, Miller High Life wants to celebrate that part of bar culture. Even though some people might not want to delve into the darkened doorway, there is something that cannot be denied about the experience. Now, that dive bar is being transformed into a special frozen dessert.

In collaboration with Tipsy Scoop, the Ice Cream Dive Bar is a frozen treat infused with High Life. Each ingredient pulls from a dive bar favorite. Even if you have never thought to enjoy a beer-inspired ice cream, this special offering might be the perfect end to the summer.

To be clear, this offering is a boozy ice cream. It has 5% ABV, which is similar to drinking a beer. There is a sweetness to the ice cream, but the beer flavor is apparent.

Since it is a bar, there are layers of flavor in each bite. First, there are some peanuts to bring that salty to the sweet. Another nod to the traditional dive bar snack, but without the shells.

An unusual layer comes from the hint of tobacco smoke. While it does not feel like a chimney, that touch of tobacco is like a layer of umami. It will bring you back for another bite.

Adding to the sweetness, the caramel swirl is a little sticky. But, unlike those grimy floors, this gooey ingredient is totally satisfying.

With a touch of carbonated candy, there is a nod to the bubbles in the Champagne of Beers. It brings a little extra to the eating experience.

Lastly, the whole treat is dipped in dark chocolate. That dark color entices and makes you want to taste what is inside. Just like opening the door to the darkened dive bar.

The Miller High Life Ice Cream Bar is available online via In addition, it can be purchased at New York City Tipsy Scoop locations. The frozen treat is available to guests 21 and older.

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What do you think of this Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar? What other experiences could be transformed into food?