Ultimate pizza hacks that are slice outside of the pie

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Whether it is Friday night dinner, tailgate food, or another reason to enjoy a slice, some ultimate pizza hacks can turn a regular pie into something special. From changing the toppings to bringing some sweetness, there are plenty of ways to transform that dough. Pizza night just got another flavor upgrade.

While families have felt the budget crunch of rising food costs, some people are turning to restaurants as a money saver. It might be counterintuitive, but sometimes a restaurant deal can keep more money in the wallet.

Still, families may not want the same food on the table time and again. Even though that favorite pizza is always tasty, a little twist can make the flavor seem new.

Recently, Papa Murphy’s challenged pizza lovers to “Bake Outside the Lines.” This special contest had more than 7,000 entries in three categories Mealtime Anytime, Outside the Oven, and Perfect for Parties. Now, the winners have been revealed.

What are the ultimate pizza hacks that everyone will want to try?

Mealtime Anytime

Sure, there are many people who enjoy pizza for breakfast, but this Mealtime Anytime pizza hack could have parents cheering for another pizza night. The Pizza Salad Bowl from Mary Beth D. comes with a serving of extra veggies.

It uses the Papa Murphy’s original curst pizza formed into a bowl. Then, the bowl is filled with salad. It might be the new ultimate combo meal. Ready to grab that fork?

Outside the Oven

Can you waffle it – yes you can. Waffle Up, an idea from Tammy R. cooks pizza slices inside a waffle iron. From a crispy texture to a cheesy center, it reimagines the traditional slice. Just remember to brush the waffle iron and slice with olive oil. No one wants to have stuck pizza.

Plus, cooking in a waffle iron can be quick way to cook food. If you haven’t “waffled it,” there are plenty of foods to try in that kitchen essential.

Perfect for Parties

While pizza might be a great party food, tailgate food, or feed a large crowd, the slice does not always have to be savory. From Jacob M, the S’mores Avalanche Ice Cream Cake is the sweet ending to any meal.

Made from Papa Murphy’s s’mores treats, the idea adds some ice cream, chocolate sauce and more marshmallows. No need for the campfire, but this idea will get everyone cheering.

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Do you have some ultimate pizza hacks? What are some innovative ways to reinvent the slice?