Iconic back to school treats that are always lunch box favorites

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As the school bell rings, it is more than books that fill the backpack. School lunches might be the highlight of some kids’ day. Even the pickiest eaters can smile with these back to school treats are revealed during lunch hour.

Some parents can make the most epic school lunches. Even if that perfectly curated bento box might be the social media envy, many kids just want a treat. Although parents hope that the kids do not throw away the veggies or the fruit just for the dessert, life is about compromise. When that hard day presents itself, a little extra can make life a little more bearable.

Which iconic back to school treats do kids want?


While the iconic Hostess treat might have a long pop culture history, Twinkies are always a top choice. From the creamy center to the golden sponge cake, there is always room for Twinkies.

Periodically, there are some flavor twists on the classic flavor. Still, whether the treat is eaten first, transformed into a Minion, or enjoyed in another way, Twinkies always deserve a spot in the pantry.

Hostess Cupcakes

Whether the kids come up a special story about that squiggle or just cannot resist a chocolate dessert, everyone seems to smile when the Hostess Cupcakes appear. It could be the combination of a rich chocolate icing, a fluffy cake and a creamy center.

Even though Hostess Cupcakes might be the first commercially produced cupcake does not mean that it has lost its special qualities. A timeless treat, some parents might even be able to tell stories how their parent shared some back to school treats.

Little Bites Soft Baked Cookies

While the Little Bites Muffins might be a breakfast staple, the Little Bites are not limited to just one mealtime. The Little Bites Soft Baked Cookies come in two flavors, Chocolate Chip and Party Cake. With six cookies in that convenient pouch, it is a perfect portion for lunches or snack time.

Sometimes families need that grab and go option. Even if parents might want the kids to pick the apple slices, a sweet treat can make any day seem a little brighter.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

Sometimes parents can be a little sneaky with sweet treats. With Nature’s Bakery and its Fig Bars, they feel like a cookie but are packed with real fruit. Available in a variety of flavors, it is easy to find an option that brings cheers from the kids.


For many families, Sun-Maid raisins are a staple. From a topping on oatmeal to ants on a log, there are plenty of uses for those sweet raisins.

Sun-Maid has a variety of options that bring extra sweetness to the lunch box. From Fruity Raisins that give a nod to candy flavors to Yogurt-Covered Raisins, there are plenty of balanced choices that make both kids and parents happy.

Dunkaroos Orange Sherbet Frosting

The newest flavor of Dunkaroos could be the bright spot. These back to school treats could have the parents feeling a touch nostalgic. While this flavor is a limited edition option, the classic version is equally as tasty.

Annie’s Dipped Granola Bars – Caramel

Many families turn to Annie’s for its wholesome goodness at the dinner table. The Organic Dipped Caramel Granola Bars bring the sweetness but have only 7 grams of sugar. It might feel like a compromise for the parents, but the kids will ask for more.

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What are your family’s favorite back to school treats? Do you choose iconic favorites or try new food options?