Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy are well-dressed for the next great adventure

Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy, photo provided by Magellan
Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy, photo provided by Magellan /

Since 1909, Shiner has been part of Texas lore. While the independent brewer has evolved over the years, the reality is that is something special about stepping into that “country.” From the iconic Bock to the new seltzers, the Old World influences that crafted those first offerings continue to spark a conversation amongst friends. Now, Magellan Outdoors and Academy are ready to help beer drinkers take a different look at the water and toast to the fun to be had.

Brand collaborations come in various forms. While some connections are slightly curious, others are rooted in commonality. For many people, enjoying a great beer in the great outdoors is a match made in heaven.

Last year, Magellan Outdoors and Academy partnered with Whataburger on a special line. The limited time offering flew off store shelves faster than a hungry teenage devours that hamburger.

This year, theme focuses on the infamous Spoetzl Brewery from Texas. When there is a desire for fun to meet refreshing, the answer is within reach and ready to be worn.

As Lawrence Lobpries, Academy Sports + Outdoors’ senior vice president of marketing commented, “This limited-time offering is the ultimate symbol of helping our customers quench their thirst for adventure and fun.”

That sentiment is followed by Matt Pechman, Shiner’s Head of Marketing. He said, “At Shiner, we think there’s no better place to enjoy a cold beer than the great outdoors. That’s why we’re thrilled to join forces with Magellan Outdoors and Academy, for a collaboration made in beer heaven. We hope our new co-branded merch and functional gear will inspire our fans to get outside and make their next outdoor adventure one to remember.”

Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy Sports
Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy Sports, photo provided by Magellan Outdoors /

Looking at the new offerings, the curated collection captures that day by a Texas lake. From the hat to keep off the sun to a cozy flannel on those chilly nights by the fire, there is everything that a Texan needs.

The designs capture the iconic symbols of the brand. From the color scheme to the phrasing, it seamless blending of the two companies. Even for people who are more likely to buy fish versus catch them, they can feel right at home with these offerings.

Plus, there is an adorable dog holding a beer as one of the images. Even though a great Shiner beer might be refreshing, it is even better with a best friend.

The Shiner, Magellan Outdoors and Academy collaboration goes on sale August 19. Prices for each piece very, but the starting price is $4.99. It is best to act quickly because the line will sell-out fast.

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Do you match your beer to your outdoor wear? What do you think is the quintessential Texas outdoor event?