Best lemonades that bring refreshing pucker to the glass

Lemons float in fresh lemonaade at the stand Squeeze Ya To Love along the B-Line Trail on Lemonade Day in Monroe County on Saturday, June 18, 2022.Lemonade Day Lemon Detail
Lemons float in fresh lemonaade at the stand Squeeze Ya To Love along the B-Line Trail on Lemonade Day in Monroe County on Saturday, June 18, 2022.Lemonade Day Lemon Detail /

Whether it is a hot summer day or just a leisurely afternoon, a glass of lemonade can often be the perfect refreshment. Although some people might head to that Chick-fil-A drive-through for the favorite beverage with that Southern chicken sandwich, sometimes it is better to have a chilled bottle waiting in the refrigerator. These best lemonades are on the shelf and waiting to be enjoyed.

Although there can be some scientific reasoning or statistical findings, this best lemonades list is just opinion. Whether people agree to disagree or speak their minds more vocally, it will create a thirst for a glass of lemonade.

One of the reasons why lemonade is popular during warm months is that the tartness of the lemons entices people to take another sip. Without getting too scientific, there is a reason that it is easy to drink a whole glass in a short amount of time.

Ready to get squeezed with these best lemonades?

Most Flavor Variety – Natalie’s Lemonade

While many people start their day with Natalie’s Orange Juice, Natalie’s has four varieties of lemonade that are quite refreshing. In addition to the classic lemonade, the strawberry lemonade is delightfully tart and sweet. Plus, adding a few fresh strawberries as garnish makes it even more special.

Earlier this year, Natalie’s added two new lemonade flavors, Mango Lemonade and Guava Lemonade. These two flavors bring a touch of the tropics to the mix, but the fruit flavors do not overpower the pucker of the lemon. Plus, for anyone who likes a lemonade cocktail, these flavors make for a refreshing choice.

Most like homemade – Simply Lemonade

Widely available at many retailers, Simply Lemonade stands by a simple statement, most like homemade. While it might not have quite the same amount of pulp as grandma’s version, it does have the homey taste. More sweet than tart, it is a satisfying sip that many people enjoy.

Within the Simply Lemonade line, there are several flavors in addition to the classic option. Those options include raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. While berries and lemonade offer an extra sweetness, the lemon flavor is always present.

Also, for people who want a little extra with their lemonade, Simply Spiked Lemonade offered canned cocktails. Available in four flavors, the cocktails can pair with a variety of foods or just enjoyed on their own. Consider adding a piece of fresh fruit as a garnish to enhance the drinking experience.

Best pink lemonade – Newman’s Own

While Newman’s Own has a plethora of food offerings under its brand, the pink lemonade is the tantalizing sip that is quite tasty. More tangy than sweet, the subtle pink color entices the eyes. Plus, this this lemonade is purchased cold, which means that you do not have to pour it over ice.

Best Sparkling Lemonade – ALDI Nature’s Nectar

Although a seasonal offering, this ALDI Find, ALDI Nature’s Nectar, is worth buying an extra bottle. The French style lemonade has an effervescent carbonation. The lemon flavor is subtle. As a substitution for a mocktail, this sparkling lemonade is perfection on a warm afternoon.

Best Frozen Lemonade Concentrate – Minute Maid

A classic that your parents might have drunk, there is always a reason to have a can of Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade Concentrate in the freezer. Whether diluted for the classic beverage, used in a cocktail or even transformed into various other recipes, there are plenty of uses for this food. There is a reason why your parents always had a can at the ready.

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What are your picks for best lemonades? Is lemonade your favorite summer beverage?