Insomnia Cookies brings sweet nostalgia to back to campus

Back to school cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies
Back to school cookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies /

Even if the kids are cheering as they head back to the dorm, the reality is that sometimes there is a craving for a special treat. Although mom might have a pantry full of goodies, that dorm room might be a little less stocked. Luckily, the Insomnia Cookies Back to Campus collection is here to save the day.

Many people love the popular cookie company. Whether it is a late-night treat or anytime offering, a simple cookie can be a bite of comfort.

Available now, the Back to Campus Collection features two flavors. They are Classic Midnight Berry and Deluxe Filled PB&J.

The Classic Midnight Berry is a warm brown sugar cookies studded with blueberries. In addition, berry cereal pieces add a layer of crunch. For anyone who loves a tart, sweet berry, this cookie is a must try.

The Deluxe PB&J is not that old-fashioned lunch box sandwich, but it does have some familiar flavors. Starting with the classic peanut butter cookie, it is stuffed with grape jelly. It might be a good idea to have a glass of milk at the ready.

The Back to Campus cookies are available now through September 25. They can be purchased in store, via local delivery and shipped nationwide. The flavors are available while supplies last.

What other new Insomnia Cookies flavors are coming this fall?

Starting in September, Insomnia Cookies has two featured flavors. They are Classic Cookies ‘N Cream and Classic Caramel Apple Pie. Each cookie flavor is available for a very limited time.

For the week of September 6, the Classic Cookies ‘N Cream should come with a bowl and a spoon because it channels those favorite ice cream flavors. The brown sugar cookie is overflowing with cookie sandwich pieces and white chocolate chips.

On September 13, the special weekly cookie is Classic Caramel Apple Pie. While grandma’s pie might always win a blue ribbon, this cookie brings all those classic flavors to the mix. The warm sugar cookie has apple, oats, cinnamon and tons of caramel. No fork is needed with this dessert.

The special September cookies will be available in store, via local delivery and can be shipped nationwide.

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Ready to make Back to School a little sweeter? What is your favorite Insomnia Cookies flavor?