Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness toasts to seasons changing

Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness, photo provided by Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness, photo provided by Sierra Nevada /

While the iconic California brewery might have started the craft beer movement, Sierra Nevada continues to push the conversation forward. Even though the classic IPA might always offer a delightful sip, the seasonal beer, Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness, looks to bring a celebration to the conversation. Ready to toast the fest?

As many beer drinkers appreciate, the Oktoberfest season has many beers tapped. At that Munich festival there is more than just the malty forward beer to be enjoyed. Festbiers, another type of German-style offering during the fall season, is just as popular during the celebration.

For those unfamiliar with a festbier, this style is more robust than an Oktoberfest beer. The flavor can be slightly more hoppy, and the beer has slightly more alcohol. In addition, the yellow-hued beer can have clean flavor with notes of spice or even florals. Overall, the style is a quite drinkable beer.

With the Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness, its take on a festbeir, the beverage looks to marry the characteristics of the brand with a nod to the traditional seasonal offering. As James Conery, Brewer and Innovation Manager at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co said, “We developed this beer to help drinkers transition into the fall season. So as the temperatures start to drop a bit, the daylight and colors outside start to shift, you’ve got this pillowy, juicy, highly drinkable IPA that fits in nicely anytime from the warmer days to the cooler days.”

When pouring a can of Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness, the fruity aroma is instantly recognizable. Fresh citrus, like orange and grapefruit, join with pineapple and berries. That juiciness invites that first sip. With the hoppiness, it is enjoyable, easily paired with a variety of food.

Since the beer uses a Munich malt, the connection to the German seasonal beers is clear. At the same time, it is more than just a German-style festbiers. It blends the character that Sierra Nevada beer fans appreciate yet bridges the change of seasons seamlessly.

The Sierra Nevada Liquid Hoppiness has a 7% ABV. The seasonal beer is available for limited time at participating retailers.