Burger King set to test an Impossible Original Chick’n Sandwich

(Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Having it your way at Burger King comes with another new menu option. The Impossible Original Chick’n Sandwich is coming to the quick service restaurant menu. This latest twist on the chicken sandwich will have many people taking a road trip to try that first taste.

More and more quick service restaurants are expanding their plant-based food options. While some restaurants are starting to add proprietary food offerings, others expand their relationship with established plant-based food companies.

Burger King has a long relationship with Impossible Foods. When the Impossible Whopper launched, it changed the conversation in the quick service restaurant world. For guests who wanted that plant-based choice, it was an easy transition into a menu item that they knew and loved.

With the new Burger King offering, the Impossible Original Chick’n Sandwich, the classic BK menu item gets the plant-based food swap. Specifically, it is the first ever plant-based version of this menu item.

Using the same seasoning, as well as the toppings, the plant-based chick’n is sandwiched in between that toasted sesame seed bun and it should satisfy just like the traditional sandwich. Even though the traditional mayonnaise does not make this menu item vegan, it is a good swap for a plant-based offering.

Over the years, the Burger King chicken sandwich has taken on various flavors. From the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich to a Spicy version, the menu item holds a lot of versatility. It makes sense that BK would step into the plant-based swap.

Previously, Burger King tested a plant-based Impossible Nuggets. As more quick service restaurants appreciate that multiple plant-based foods need to be on the menu, it seems likely that more chicken substitutes will be added. In some ways, it might be a new version of those chicken sandwich wars.

The Impossible Original Chick’n Sandwich will be available in Cincinatti, Ohio starting on August 22. Like any limited offering, it is best to get a taste quickly before it disappears.

What do you think of this Burger King offering? Do you think that other quick service restaurants will follow suit?