IHOP’s Choice menu fulfills guests’ craving anytime of day

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While schedules can help tackle the to-do list, a specific time of day does not necessarily require a particular food on the table. Breakfast for dinner or hamburgers to start the day can be part of the food conversation. With the IHOP Choice Menu, guests can satisfy that food craving however they choose.

Restaurants need to adapt to food trends. While plant-based food options have been a popular choice, those additions are more than just appealing to a particular lifestyle choice. Menus need to have options for guests.

Whether people are eating out because they are tired of cooking, want to satisfy a craving or find restaurants more cost effective, each company needs to drive consumers to their own tables. The menu variety is a big factor.

From the family who must appease a variety of palates to the guest who wants a familiar face but not the same meal, the IHOP Choice menu caters to those situations. While a quick service restaurant might let people have it their way, other restaurants need to appease that sentiment too.

According to Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP, “Through our internal research, we found that over 80 percent of IHOP orders are currently customized in-restaurant and online. With more than 20 griddle flavors on our menu there’s a ton of choice for our guests, including our world-famous Buttermilk Pancakes, delicate crepes, and mouth-watering French toast to build into a combo of your liking. There is a genuine sense of joy that comes with making and serving delicious food at a great price, and we know that any choice a guest makes will put a smile on their plate.”

What is on the IHOP Choice menu?

From combos to pancakes to heartier options, the IHOP Choice menu has a plethora of options. Since these menu items can be enjoyed any time of day, it ensures that people never have to compromise.

For example, the Ultimate Steakburgers and Chicken Sandwiches have five options. From a classic with LTO and that IHOP Sauce to a Big Brunch that is breakfast in a bite, the variety keeps flavors fresh. Plus any of the options can be served with a steakburger or two chicken options.

Of course, many people go to IHOP for the breakfast choices. The Build Your Own Griddle Combos ensure that guests have the plate filled to the brim with their favorite. From a fluffy pancake to bacon and eggs, there are numerous combinations.

In addition, the IHOP Choice menu will feature seasonal items. Since it is pumpkin spice season, those combos have been added to the menu. And, the Scary Face pancakes are back too.

The IHOP Choice Menu is available now. Seasonal menu items will be available through October 31.