Budweiser New York Sunshine collaboration was a crowning achievement

Budweiser x New York Sunshine, photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser x New York Sunshine, photo provided by Budweiser /

When the King of Beers collaborates with another brand, the expectations are high. It is more than a particular visual, the idea needs to capture the spirit behind that iconic beer brand. The Budweiser New York Sunshine collaboration reeled in a capsule collection that was a stunning catch.

Food fashion has become more than just a logo on a t-shirt. While many people enjoying showing the world their connection to a favorite food, beverage or brand, the looks have evolved to be more. It is an expression of personality, both at and beyond the table.

Budweiser is an iconic American brand. Beyond the Super Bowl commercials with the Clydesdales or enjoying a cold beer while watching a game, the reality is that certain images instantly bring to mind the King of Beers. From the red color to the particular font, there is no mistaking Budweiser on a shelf.

Recently, the beer brand has been collaborating with fashion companies. Without losing its identity, the new offerings add a vibrancy to the legacy that people know and love. It is a way to energize the brand and maybe introduce it to a new audience beyond the loyal fanbase.

The Budweiser New York Sunshine capsule collection featured just a few pieces. Featuring the Sunshine’s Install Team, Hardwood Fishing Team and Budweiser images, the pieces capture both the present and past. Whether worn for a day on the boat, backyard or gathering with friends, the looks will have people talking.

Budweiser New York Sunshine capsule collection
Budweiser x New York Sunshine, photo provided by Budweiser /

The capsule collection included a long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, jersey, sweatshirt and captains hat. The prices ranged from $40-$195.

While the imagery shows the connection to fishing and the water, it is more than just another piece of clothing. As seen with the photos, it seems to convey a desire to get out and embrace the opportunity. Whether the fish bite one day or the waters are calm on another, it is better to get off the couch and be the captain to your best life.

In many ways, it takes the idea of a classic beer out of “dad’s cooler” and gives it a different perspective. It is more than just the nostalgia food trend. A classic never goes out of style, it evolves to be relevant at all times.

More information on the Budweiser New York Sunshine can be found on the brand’s website.