Taco Bell metaverse wedding brings a virtual happily ever after

Taco Bell Metaverse wedding, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Metaverse wedding, photo provided by Taco Bell /

Some couples want a unique way to celebrate their nuptials. Beyond the perfect dress, memorable first dance, or even impressive locale, turning that one day into a memory for a lifetime is not as easy as it seems. For those who want to celebrate a love that is etched in pixels, the Taco Bell metaverse wedding is waiting.

Since its 2017 inception, there have been 777 couples who pledged their love at the Las Vegas Cantina. Whether that love was mild or fiery, the vows were sealed better than a well-wrapped burrito. Beyond serving tacos after the ceremony, these weddings looked to bring something different for the Taco Bell fan or just the couple who wanted to skip that church wedding.

Given that Taco Bell is always looking ahead, it is time to take the wedding ceremony to the next level, the metaverse. Although many brands have expanded their presence into this pixelated, virtual world, the latest idea seems to take another step forward. Why shouldn’t life’s biggest moments take place in the metaverse?

According to Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s Chief Brand Officer, “By bringing the metaverse wedding to life and adding layers of the brand’s Live Más mentality, the couple and attendees will be able to up the ante on their love for each other and the brand they love too. In the age of swiping for love, Taco Bell’s metaverse wedding will allow one couple to take part in the voyage of what may well be the next evolution of modern love – and we’re proud to be leading the charge.”

Whether this concept is modern love, a chance to be different, or just a desire to not overspend on that wedding, some lucky couple will be the first ones to have a Taco Bell metaverse wedding. Hopefully that designation comes with a happily ever after story as well.

For couples who want the opportunity to pledge their love in the metaverse, they can apply online for this special wedding event. Applications are open now through September 6. The couple must share why they are the perfect pair for this unique wedding. The criteria include “unique love story, desire to be married in the metaverse and devoted passion for Taco Bell.”

It will be interesting to see the couple who wins this special wedding. Sometimes the story behind a great love affair can inspire others that true love really does exist. That love can live in the physical world or the digital one and those lines might become more blurred. Still, a happy story is one that can make anyone believe that there is someone who wants to share their 10-pack of tacos forever.

Could the metaverse be the next wedding trend? At least with the Taco Bell metaverse wedding no one will have to suffer with chicken and green beans at the reception.