Hardee’s transforms its iconic biscuits into an epic brewed beverage

Hardee's Made From Scratch Biscuits, photo provided by Hardee's
Hardee's Made From Scratch Biscuits, photo provided by Hardee's /

For many people, there is nothing better than starting the day with Hardee’s biscuits and coffee. Always made from scratch, the golden, fluffy bites might be considered some of the best in the business. With the latest transformation, those favorite pastries have become a beer, Strawberry Biscuit Ale.

Over the years, many food brands have ways to collaborate with other companies. Both within their own space or slightly outside of the realm, these specialty offerings bring more people to the table. With this special Hardee’s offering, it puts biscuits front and center all day long.

The quick service restaurant just announced that it is partnering with Southern Grist Brewing Co to make a Strawberry Biscuit Ale. While some might describe this offering as the golden liquid form of those favorite biscuits, it is more than just another beer.

A full-bodied, cream ale, the beer was made by “infusing 200 pounds of Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuits.” While the classic biscuits can be paired with almost anything. This ale takes a slighter sweeter approach. It almost brings breakfast to the brew.

This specialty beer has notes of strawberry jam and a touch of buttermilk. The sweetness from the fruit is subtle but brings people back for another sip. The buttermilk adds that hint of tang which makes a biscuit so enjoyable.

While it might not be an exact replication of that morning breakfast, this beer could be the new pairing for a Sunday brunch. Served with a little savory bacon on the side or even just another helping of biscuits, it might be a find that beer drinkers need to try.

Although not necessarily a typical offering from Hardee’s, it is a smart choice for the brand. Sometimes bringing a favorite food to another table expands not just fans’ perspectives but invites new guests to take a bite.

The Strawberry Biscuit Ale from Hardee’s and Southern Grist Brewing Co is available beginning on September 1. The beer is available at the breweries Taprooms in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, the ale can be purchased and shipped while supplies last.

Ready to sip on some Hardee’s biscuits? It might be the brew that open a whole new world of possibilities.