Forever devoted to DEW, Hard MTN Dew joins the food nuptials trend

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Making a commitment to love, honor and cherish forever is not a vow to take lightly. While some people might jump to put a ring on it, others take longer to find that unyielding devotion. From perfect pairs to unlikely mixes, how and why the union works might never be explained. Still, that decision to say I do is a big step. Hard MTN DEW wants to toast that commitment and is ringing the bells of wedded bliss.

Recently, food nuptials have become a huge trend. Las Vegas has been the locale for many creative ways to take the plunge. Whether it is committing to melting for another or being that extra layer to their dip, food is often a reason that brings people together. Sometimes the simple idea of finding commonality while reaching for the same can could be the reason to keep sipping.

While many people long for that forever match, sometimes stepping outside of the norm might be a chosen path. Convention can be overrated. In reality, happiness is something that many people long to enjoy.

That sentiment is one of the reasons why the following question was asked, “Do you love HARD MTN DEW enough to marry it?” Although there might not be a box on the marriage license for a beverage, someone is willing to make that lifelong commitment to the DEW Nation.

To celebrate HARD MTN DEW hitting store shelves in Las Vegas, the brand decided to offer one lucky fan the opportunity to “marry” HARD MTN DEW. Although this idea is a contest, one lucky person will forever be part of the DEW Nation legacy. After all, commitment to be that one and only sip should not be done lightly.

As Erica Taylor, Senior Brand Director for HARD MTN DEW, said, “Fans have gone wild for HARD MTN DEW since hitting shelves, so our recent expansion to Las Vegas felt like the perfect opportunity to return the love by proposing to our fans. We’ve already seen the crazy lengths people will go for HARD MTN DEW, so offering up a legendary wedding in Sin City is our way of saying thanks!”

The one of a kind Las Vegas wedding celebration will go to the person who has the devotion, love and passion for the popular alcoholic beverage. Although singing “Endlessly Devoted to You” might get a few points, creativity is key to earning this legendary DEW Nation honor.

Stay tuned to HARD MTN DEW’s social channels for more information.