McDonlad’s gets cheesy in the morning with a new McCafe Bakery addition

McDonald's Cheese Danish, photo provided by Mcdonald's
McDonald's Cheese Danish, photo provided by Mcdonald's /

While the classic Egg McMuffin is always a tasty start to the day, the new McCafe Bakery addition has everyone getting a little cheesy. Even if the pumpkin spices have sprinkled their way into every nook and cranny of the fall food world, the Golden Arches is taking a different approach to its newest food offering.

Over the years, the McCafe Bakery menu has delighted guests with a sweet treat. From that apple fritter to the cinnamon roll, the offerings satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether enjoyed morning, noon or night, the baked goods tempt even guests with great willpower.

The newest McCafe Bakery addition takes a slightly different approach. Although it might be a classic, it is not the flavor which usually gets the most attention. Ready to take a bite of the new Cheese Danish?

According to a recent McDonald’s announcement, the Cheese Danish is a flakey pastry filled with a sweet cream cheese. Topped with buttery streusel and a vanilla drizzle, the pastry is both sweet and a touch savory.

McDonald's McCafe new bakery item
McDonald’s Cheese Danish, photo provided by Mcdonald’s /

Looking at this new menu item, it is not necessarily the addition that many people would expect. Cheese Danish might be a classic, but it is not necessarily the flavor that has everyone talking. Sure, your New York grandmother might have loved it, but others might opt for the cherry or apple Danish.

But, the cream cheese flavor has an appeal. It hits that spot of being sweet without being too much. In some ways, it seems to channel that nostalgia food trend. Maybe grandma had better insight to great tasting, iconic foods. It might be time to give this flavor another try.

Plus, a Cheese Danish works well all day long. Whether enjoyed with that coffee at breakfast or a sweet ending after that Big Mac, the versatility of the pastry seems to make it a winner.

The new McCafe Bakery addition, the Cheese Danish, will be available starting September 14. The nationwide launch will offer the item for purchase in restaurants, via the drive-thru and through the McDonald’s App for McDelivery.

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What do you think of this new menu item? Does McDonald’s give a hint about a new food trend on the horizon?