Wendy’s saves fall with the return of a fan favorite cheeseburger

Wendy's Favorite burger returns, photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy's Favorite burger returns, photo provided by Wendy's /

Over the past year, Wendy’s has had huge food announcements. From the new French Toast sticks to summer’s Strawberry Frosty, the menu innovations had many people heading to the quick service restaurant for another order. Just in time for the fall, a fan favorite cheeseburger has returned. Ready to enjoy that big bite?

Wendy’s believes in a simple concept when it comes to its menu items. The team never strays from the idea of fast food done right. While value is always woven into each menu, it is more than just a good food deal. The eating enjoyment through great flavors must be a priority.

Looking at the Wendy’s menu, there are options which are more than just another burger. While it might take a little more time for its vegetarian burger to find its way to restaurants, a fan favorite cheeseburger is making its triumphant return. As the only quick service restaurant to offer this style of burger, it is a reason to head to Wendy’s, again.

Wendy's pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger
Wendy’s Favorite burger returns, photo provided by Wendy’s /

The Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger is back. Snuggled inside a soft pretzel bun, the quarter pound of fresh, never frozen beef is topped with Muenster cheese, Applewood bacon, crispy fried onions and pickles. Topping those items is both smoky honey mustard and beer cheese sauce.

When Wendy’s launched this menu item, it was meant to mimic the choices from a gastropub, but at a more reasonable price and more convenience. Given the positive response, it is good to see that the cheeseburger is back for the third time.

Thinking about launching in fall, the hearty offering fits the season. While there should never be a pumpkin spice burger, the pretzel and beer cheese are a nice nod to the Oktoberfest season, football food and more.

And, if that bite could be even bigger. Consider adding some Hot and Crispy Fries? There is not a quick service restaurant menu burger that puts fries between the bun. Could Wendy’s take on that challenge next?

The Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger is back on the menu now. Check with local restaurants for availability and the Wendy’s app for promotions.