Burger King Everything seasoned bun is the next level

Burger King Everything Buns, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King Everything Buns, photo provided by Burger King /

Everything bagel seasoning might be one of the most versatile flavors. While the iconic bagel with a schmear will always be a favorite, that combination of flavors can transform a variety of dishes. Who hasn’t sprinkled that seasoning on almost “everything?” Now, the Burger King Everything seasoned bun is taking several classic menu items to the next level. Ready to have a new flavor your way at BK?

According to a recent Burger King announcement, the Burger King Everything seasoned bun is coming to select test markets beginning September 12. The Everything Menu will include Everything Whopper, an Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich and an Everything Breakfast Sandwich.

Looking at the three offerings, the Everything Breakfast Sandwich is the most obvious addition. The classic flavor combined with fluffy eggs, sausage and American cheese will be a tasty way to start the day. Given that the brioche bun is topped with the seasoning, the flavor should have a robust quality.

The Everything Whopper might be a game changer for the quick service restaurant industry. A seasoned bun is not common, but it adds variety to a classic menu item. Without completely overpowering the other flavors, it will highlight all the other ingredients between the bun.

Lastly, the Everything BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich with the Everything seasoned bun might be a surprising flavor combination. While this flavor should not take away from the Royal sauce, it might ignite a new battle in the chicken sandwich wars. Instead of the chicken flavor changing, the bun might be the next throwdown to set one sandwich apart from another.

Looking specifically at this flavor innovation, it is an interesting choice for Burger King. While one quick service restaurant has pretzel buns, the majority of brands have a simple, plain bun. The bun change is a relatively simple idea for a restaurant and somewhat easy to add.

Given that the battle for guest loyalty is fierce, finding ways to offer a new menu item without taking away from favorite orders is key to keeping the menu fresh. From being a reason to make a special trip to just keeping food from being boring, the bun might be the tasty and easy way to wrap up another sale.

For now, only a few select markets in Huntsville, Alabama and Albuquerque, New Mexico will get that first taste starting on September 12. A larger rollout remains to be seen. But, if that new flavor combination is everything, a new bun could be in everyone’s future.