Chick-fil-A welcomes fall with two new flavorful seasonal menu items

Chick-fil-A fall menu offerings, Autumn Spice Milkshake photo provided by Chick-fil-A
Chick-fil-A fall menu offerings, Autumn Spice Milkshake photo provided by Chick-fil-A /

For many people, grabbing a meal at Chick-fil-A is a pleasure. From that classic chicken sandwich to the refreshing lemonade, the iconic menu items are always a delight. Occasionally, the quick service restaurant adds seasonal menu items. Fall is flavorful at Chick-fil-A and the two new food offerings are tempting guests to make a special visit.

Fall flavors often take a warm, comforting slant. While coffees and desserts embrace the pumpkin patch, Chick-fil-A is offering a different take this season. The Autumn Spice Milkshake features pieces of brown sugar cookie and cinnamon. The combination almost sounds like a freshly baked treat straight from the oven.

As Leslie Neslage, director of menu and packaging at Chick-fil-A, said “Guests love our milkshakes, especially our seasonal flavors, so we are excited to introduce the perfect treat to welcome the fall season. We tested the Autumn Spice Milkshake last October in Salt Lake City, and we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback which inspired our decision to launch this new milkshake nationwide. We’re eager for our Chick-fil-A milkshake enthusiasts to try the Autumn Spice Milkshake this fall!”

While this new shake flavor is a departure from the fruit forward options that many people love, the sweet, spicy and satisfying sip is one that many people could even want all year long. That cinnamon should offer a nice balance to the brown sugar cookie bits. It might be a new take on a cookie milkshake that people will want to enjoy over and over.

chick-fil-a fall menu items include a spicy chicken sandwich and autumn spice milkshake
Chick-fil-A fall menu offerings, photo provided by Chick-fil-A /

A favorite sandwich returns as part of the fall seasonal menu items.

While some people never deviate from the classic chicken sandwich, others prefer a grilled option. But, grilled chicken does not have to be bland and boring. The Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich is back for people who crave the bolder flavor.

After hearing from guests, Chick-fil-A is bringing back this fan favorite. The marinated chicken with spicy seasoning is paired with a Colby-Jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Served on a Multigrain Brioche Bun, the sandwich might be lighter, but it is full of flavor.

For guests who are looking for a creative pairing for this menu item, Neslage made an interesting suggestion. “It’s my favorite seasonal sandwich, and for those trying it for the first time, I suggest pairing it with our cool and creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce to balance the sandwich’s heat. You won’t be disappointed by the flavor combination.”

Whether some people want to slightly tame the heat or others prefer to bring another sauce to the sandwich, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich.

More importantly, the combination of this sandwich with the Autumn Spice Milkshake is delightful. A cooling, sweet sip with the spicy sandwich could be the perfect pairing on a crisp fall day.

The Chick-fil-A new fall seasonal menu items will be available September 12 through November 12, while supplies last. Check with local restaurants for availability.

Ready for some fall spice and everything nice? Chick-fil-A has the pleasure of serving some tasty seasonal menu items.