5 fall flavor desserts that pair perfectly with your pumpkin spice latte

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If you drink a pumpkin spice latte all day long, these fall flavor desserts are a perfect pairing.

Everything is coming up pumpkin, pumpkin spice latte that is. While the coffee cup might be overflowing fall flavor desserts are just as exciting. Whether you enjoy a few of these treats on their own or pair them with your favorite PSL, the flavor pairings are a reason to eat dessert first.

One tasty fall dessert and PSL combination is Breyers Butter Pecan and PSL. While you can take a sip and eat a spoonful, another option is to make a version of an affogato. Why not add a scoop of that Breyers Butter Pecan ice cream to the latte.

If you love the classic combination of coffee and donuts, why not enjoy some Klondike Donuts with that PSL. While the Frosted Strawberry might be a better pairing for a salted caramel latte, the Triple Chocolate and the Boston Cream might a tasty choice. Chocolate and pumpkin is a tasty combination.

If you are looking for pumpkin on pumpkin, why not open a pint of Talenti Pumpkin Pie Gelato. Channeling the texture of real pumpkin pie, the creamy gelato is the perfect backdrop to the nutmeg, cinnamon and even pieces of pie crust.

In a way, this combination is like the coffee and dessert at the end of the meal. The only difference is that the pie is eaten with a spoon.

If you prefer a little less pumpkin, the Talenti Caramel Apple Pie Gelato is a nice twist. The bold cinnamon flavor is balanced with apple pieces. With the pieces of flaky pie crust, you might prefer this version to a classic apple pie.

Lastly, if you want to channel your inner kid, Good Humor has you covered. The Good Humor Toasted Almond Bars are a nutty option to pair with the pumpkin. The combination of the almond flavors and textures makes this frozen treat incredibly tasty.

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What are your favorite fall flavor desserts to pair with a pumpkin spice latte?