Johnny Rockets blends a new sip to toast Milkshake Month

Johnny Rockets partners with Santa Monica Brew Works on a Milkshake Beer, photo provided by Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets partners with Santa Monica Brew Works on a Milkshake Beer, photo provided by Johnny Rockets /

While Johnny Rockets might offer a glimpse into that retro diner world, the popular fast casual restaurant has a new beverage option to pair with those burgers and fries. In honor of National Milkshake Month, the brand has collaborated with another California favorite brand to brew a new sip. Care to pour a milkshake inspired beer?

The craft beer market is constantly evolving. From the hoppy IPA to sour ale to something else unexpected, there is more than just a classic lager in the glass. While food can make for great pairings, it can also influence the flavors in the can.

For example, recently Hardee’s partnered with Southern Grist Brewing Company to create a beer flavored by the iconic Hardee’s biscuits. Goose Island collaborated with bourbon brands to infuse stouts with the nuanced flavors.

In honor of Milkshake Month, Johnny Rockets has partnered with Santa Monica Brew Works to create two new beers based on two of the restaurant’s milkshakes. Available now at Johnny Rockets – Universal CityWalk and Santa Monica Brew Works’ Tasting Room/Beer Garden, the two beers are Strawberry Milkshake Porter and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake Porter.

The choice of doing a porter makes sense. Given that porters can have a slightly sweet quality, it would benefit from the milkshake influence. Santa Monica Brew Works has a chocolate porter as part of its line-up. That beer, the PCH Golden Chocolate Porter is a delightfully smooth beer with a chocolate forward flavor and a hint of vanilla sweetness. Based on the brewery’s experience with a sweet porter, this collaboration is a smart choice.

According to Johnny Rockets, the two special milkshake inspired beers should make great pairings for that burger and fries or just enjoyed on their own. Or, someone could consider making a float with one of these beers for an extra sweet teat.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake Porter excels with its smooth finish. The nutty qualities are apparent, but the mouth feel is quite creamy. This beer is one to sip and ponder slowly, no worrying about melting either.

The Strawberry Milkshake Porter has a juicy note from the fruit. Without being overly sweet, the brightness balances with the Madagascar Vanilla. In some ways, this beer might offer the most diverse food pairings. It might not be dipping fries in a milkshake, but that sweet creaminess should go nicely with a salty, satisfying food.

The limited-edition Johnny Rockets and Santa Monica Brew Works porters are available for a limited time. It might not be the traditional pour at the retro diner, but it is one that has everyone talking.