Halloween Horror Nights 31 food is frighteningly flavorful feast

Universal Orlando HHN 31 food, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando HHN 31 food, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

As the haunted houses and scare zones bring the screams at every turn, all those adrenaline-filled moments can ignite a hunger. From spooky to sweet, the Halloween Horror Nights 31 food is a feast to fuel another step into the fog.

Universal Orlando chefs continue to evolve their specialty menus in both theme and flavor. From the guest who wants to snap the photo that makes everyone drool to the person who craves bold bites, the various booths scattered throughout the theme park delivers. Sweet, savory, and vegetarian are all options to keep that squad satisfied all night long.

Returning favorites have guests running to get that first bite of Halloween Horror Nights 31 food

A trip to Halloween Horror Nights requires at least one purchase of a favorite, now iconic food. The always popular pizza fries are back. Even if the hand shakes a little while holding that fork, the perfect combination of pizza toppings and French fries is always a hearty choice. After all, screaming is a lot of work.

Other returning fan favorite include S’mores Fries, which are a sweeter version. For anyone who feels that they deserve a treat after surviving their encounter with The Pumpkin Lord.

In addition, the Twisted Taters are back. Available in traditional, Blood ‘n Guts Twisted Tater and Fiery Twisted Tater with Queso, the variety ensures that everyone can enjoy that food on a stick. For anyone who enjoyed extreme heat, the Fiery Twisted Tater with Queso (which is vegetarian) is topped with flaming hot cheese puff and ghost pepper seasoning. It definitely puts a person’s mouth on fire.

New creatively named dishes for Halloween Horror Nights 31

Sometimes a theme or name can entice a guest to make a purchase. Even if the first bite brings a touch of the familiar, it adds to the special experience.

For example, even if Bugs: Eaten Alive left people’s skin crawling, the Maggot Covered Cheese Dog might bring a little revenge to the creepy creatures. Although there are no insects in the dish, the visual is a humorous one. More importantly, the flavor is one that will make many people purchase a second helping.

The same can be said about the Fried Zombie Brains and Petrified Rat Tails. Once people get passed the name, they will want to dig into another helping. From the spicy gochujang on the Fried Zombie Brands to the unctuous crab dip on the funnel fries, do not let the name dissuade placing an order.

Halloween Horror Nights 31 food toasts to the sweet life

Given that one of the scare zones is all about sweets, the desserts are a must try during this year’s Halloween event. Even those people who tend to pass over candy corn are dying to try the Major Sweets Ice Cream Sandwich.

While the visual is unassuming, the sweet corn ice cream is unexpected. Instead of being a sugar bomb, the dessert is quite balanced. Do be tricked by the candy corn appearance.

The Tribute Store has a wide array of treats. From the always popular layered desserts to the overly indulgent brownies to even an epic macaron, it can be hard to pick just one to try. It might be best to get a sampling and share with guests.

Are adult beverages even more enticing than the Halloween Horror Nights 31 food?

For some people, the annual Universal Orlando Halloween event is a time to let loose a little. Given that the event caters more towards an older audience, the libations can quench that thirst after all the screaming.

From specialty beers, like the Lacto-Kooler and pumpkin seasonal beers, to a few unique cocktails, the blinking glasses fill the night sky as people toast to more frights. One must try offering is the Save Your Tears Signature Cocktail.

Inspired by The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare haunted house and available at The Weeknd bar, the cocktail is approachable yet unexpected. From the bursting boba to the sweetness of the peach brandy, this libation could have people sad when the last sip is enjoyed. Luckily that souvenir glass can keep the memory alive.

Scattered throughout the event are a variety of specialty cocktails and beverages. Just use caution and balance some water or non-alcoholic options throughout the event. Overindulgence is scarier than any darkened maze.

Halloween Horror Nights 31 at Universal Orlando runs now through October 31 on select nights. It is a separately ticketed event. Check with the theme park for ticket availability. Halloween Horror Nights 31 food prices and availability can vary. Check with the various locations for options during the event.

The Pumpkin Lord has opened his field of chaos for the year. Are you prepared for this frighteningly flavorful feast?