Cheeseburger Day Deals 2022: So many burgers to enjoy for the food holiday

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National Food Days are the tasty excuse to have a particular meal or maybe eat a little more. Even though it might seem that there are a plethora of food holidays, the reality is that food brings people together. With these Cheeseburger Day Deals 2022, lunch, dinner or anytime today brings big savings on the classic food.

The exact origin of the first cheeseburger is a little muddled. Rite Spot in California seems to begin the idea of dropping a slice of cheese on a burger in 1926. While the term “cheeseburger” might date back to 1934 in Kentucky when Charles Kaelin wanted to add some more flavor to that classic burger. Although he did not trademark the innovation, but Humpty-Dumpy Drive-In in Denver did in 1935.

Now, the cheeseburger seems to be a standard on any and every menu. While the interpretation varies, the combination of a protein and cheese sandwiched between a bun always seems to satisfy.

Hungry for these Cheeseburger Day Deals 2022?


While its burgers might be square, this Cheeseburger Day deal does not cut corners. Via the Wendy’s app, guests can get a free Wendy’s Dave’s Single. The one time use deal is available now through September 21.

Burger King

Royal Perks members are getting the regal treatment for Cheeseburger Day. With any $1 purchase, they can receive a free cheeseburger. The offer is available via the BK app and is only for Royal Perks members.


This year McDonald’s let its fans vote on which deal was the tasted and it was determined that the Double Cheeseburger is tops. For National Cheeseburger Day, everyone can get a free Double Cheeseburger with any $1 purchase. The deal is available exclusively on the McDonald’s App.


Whole doesn’t love those flavorful bites at Smashburger. In honor of the food holiday, the brand is offering a buy one, get one free deal.

With this special, guests can mix and match any option on the Smashburger menu. Use the code BOGO22 at participating locations.


Denny’s believes that every day should celebrate the popular cheeseburger with a great menu value. Its cheeseburger is just $7.59 all day and every day. The American classic can be customized, but that 100% beef patty on a Brioche bun is quite tasty.

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How are you celebrating this food holiday? Are the Cheeseburger Day Deals 2022 making you hungry?