Elysian Brewing gets a little devious with its new CHUCKY A Killer Wit Beer

Chucky: Killer Wit Beer from Elysian Brewing, photo provided by Elysian Brewing
Chucky: Killer Wit Beer from Elysian Brewing, photo provided by Elysian Brewing /

The brewers manning the tanks at Elysian Brewing company are never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to its beverage offerings. While the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival Presented by The Vera Project has become a highly anticipated tradition, the spooky season is a reason to add a little extra to those creative beers. For this year’s special release, Elysian Brewing accepted an icon’s invitation to play. Thirsty to crack open a can of CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer?

For many people, pumpkin beers are a celebrated fall tradition. Even though Oktoberfest might have Germany raising many a stein, the pumpkin beer fans are always looking for new ways to sip on those comforting spices. Although never a pumpkin pie in a glass, the all-spice, clove and other notes often pair well with the malt and hops that beer lovers appreciate.

While Elysian Brewing has a variety of pumpkin beers in its line-up, this year’s special offering is unique for the beer company. Whether this concept is a match that slices up the competition or has a little more sinister side, it is a beer that appeals to a wide audience.

As Joe Bisacca, Elysian Brewing’s Co-Founder said, “Just like Chucky is synonymous with Halloween, Elysian’s pumpkin beers have become synonymous with the season. Seeing Chucky’s iconic, freckled face on our cans feels like a match made in… ah… hell. This release is exactly what makes brewing pumpkin beers interesting. You can iterate with so many styles using the same common gourd ingredient, like we do with the beers in Elysian’s Pumpkin Variety Pack. CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer is super drinkable and light, we think that it’ll be enjoyed by a wide variety of palates. From the blood-red cranberry to the cinnamon notes, this limited-edition wit encapsulates many of the fall flavors our drinkers love.”

Halloween fans and horror icon fans will run to get a can of this specially released beer. The label is worth making the effort. But, the real prize is the beer, itself. Using a Wit style to highlight the fall flavors was smart for Elysian. The wheat notes add some balance to the warm spices and the tart cranberry. A touch refreshing, a hint robust, the beer cuts through all the hype and delivers a deeply enjoyable seasonal sip.

Having had the opportunity to try this beer, it is best enjoyed by pouring it into a glass so that the hue can be seen. The slight red tinge from the cranberries is alluring. It invites the drinker to make friends with the beer, to welcome that first taste and embrace the comforting spices filling the tastebuds. Even with notes of chamomile, there is a sense that life is full, meant to be enjoyed and nothing sinister is waiting once that can is finished.

Elysian Brewing adds Chucky: Killer Wit Bee
Elysian Brewing adds Chucky: Killer Wit Beer, photo provided by Elysian Brewing /

In turn, the cinnamon adds the prick of spice. The playfulness gives way to the great pumpkin gourd and the tide has turned. Just like Chucky, himself, never turn your back or that Good Time Doll might be ready to cut a little deeper.

For Chucky fans, the CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer is a must to sip while watching the season two premiere. The new season airs beginning October 5th at 9:00 PM ET on USA Network & SYFY.

The new Elysian Brewing seasonal offering is available now at select retailers and bars nationwide. Visit the brewery’s website for availability.

In the words of Chucky himself, “a true classic never goes out of style.” Hopefully, CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer becomes a new seasonal classic from Elysian Brewing.