Elysian pumpkin beers deliver all the fantastic fall flavors

Elysian Pumpkin Beers, photo provided by Elysian Brewing
Elysian Pumpkin Beers, photo provided by Elysian Brewing /

Summer has faded and Elysian pumpkin beers are ready to be enjoyed.

The Great Pumpkin is back and Elysian pumpkin beers have four fantastic fall flavors that deserve to be poured before the winter chill overtakes the pumpkin patch. Are you ready to enjoy a pumpkin ale?

During the summer, Elysian Brewing beers focused on bright, citrus forward options. From Salute the Sun to the easy drinking Rolling Stone Lager, summer is all about the easy drinking beers.

With the crisp fall air, beer drinkers are looking for more robust, layered flavors. Just like the comfort food that people crave, the beers mimic those flavor profiles. Warm spices balance the sweetness of the pumpkin. Each sip entices another.

While these Elysian beers are sessionable, they tend to be a slower sip. They are meant to be savored, not slammed.

Whether purchased individually or enjoyed via the Elysian Pumpkin Pack, these beers deserve a spot in the fridge. The four Elysian pumpkin beers are Night Owl, Punkuccino, The Great Pumpkin and Dark ‘O The Moon. It is best to get your fill of these beers before pumpkin season disappears.


Since many people are obsessed with their PSL, this Elysian pumpkin beer brings a touch of coffee to the pumpkin ale. Made with a shot of Stumptown coffee, the coffee flavor is smooth yet nuanced. Adding a touch of warm cinnamon and enticing nutmeg, these flavor combinations might make you skip a PSL for a Punkuccino.

When considering pairing this pumpkin ale, playing off the cinnamon and nutmeg is a good choice. While dessert doesn’t have to be the only option, it can be an option. At the same time, a mole used in Mexican food could play off the spices. The pumpkin ale encourages some play and creativity with food pairings.

Night Owl

The original Elysian pumpkin beer, this pumpkin ale is all about the pumpkin. Many people consider this beer as quite drinkable, but the pumpkin flavor comes through in each and every sip. Throughout the brewing process, pumpkin is included.

Although there is pumpkin juice in this pumpkin ale, it isn’t like the Harry Potter beverage. The traditional pumpkin spices are apparent. The cloves and allspice make this pumpkin ale a great choice to serve with comfort foods.

Consider serving this pumpkin ale with a chili. The slow cooked chili with all its spices makes a great choice to match all the warm spices in the beer.

The Great Pumpkin

While the name might get Charlie Brown excited, this beer is big, bold and might last all night while you are waiting for the Halloween spirit to appear. If you like intense beers, this beer delivers.

From the moment that you open this beer, the pumpkin aroma is clear. It is like a warm hug that makes you thirsty for your first sip. While you want to enjoy sip after sip, it is important to savor this beer. With a strong ABV, this beer is meant to savored till the last drop.

Dark ‘O The Moon

If you prefer to have a drinkable dessert, this beer satisfies. Although the touch of smoky and the spice of cinnamon might have you gazing upward, the chocolate makes this pumpkin stout quite enjoyable.

For people who might fear drinking a stout, this beer could be a nice introduction to the genre. If you like a slow sipping after-dinner libation, this pumpkin stout could be your new seasonal choice.

The Elysian pumpkin beers are available now.

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Do you change your beer preferences based on the seasons? Are you a fan of a pumpkin ale?