Barilla gives pasta lovers a big way to celebrate National Pasta Month

Barilla Pasta Box, photo provided by Barilla
Barilla Pasta Box, photo provided by Barilla /

A glimpse into many families’ pantries will show several boxes of pasta lining the shelf. Whether is an easy weeknight dinner, carb loading for that big swim meet or just enjoying a favorite meal, pasta is a staple. Ahead of National Pasta Month, Barilla is giving pasta lovers a reason to celebrate.

For the first time ever, the company is offering a Barilla Pasta Season Pack. This gigantic box is packed with everything that a pasta lover would want. From various styles to many accessories, anyone can whip up some tasty meals.

As Melissa Tendick, Vice President of Marketing, Barilla Americas, said “At Barilla, we celebrate a love of pasta year-round, but we’re especially excited to celebrate National Pasta Month and to share the love with our Pasta Season Packs. We can’t wait to see the recipes that our fellow pasta lovers will create, incorporating our beloved pasta. With the Barilla Pasta Season Pack, pasta-enthusiasts alike can celebrate their love of pasta all Pasta Season long.”

What is including in the Barilla National Pasta Month kit?

According to the pasta brand, the special, one-of-a-kind kit, will featuring the following:

  • 8 boxes of Barilla’s classic Blue Box pasta cuts (2 per each week of National Pasta Month)
  • Pasta-themed accessories and cooking utensils
  • Unique, family-friendly recipes
  • Tips for optimizing dishes for leftovers

The special fit will be available on starting September 26 at 12pm ET. Supplies are limited.

Even if this one of a kind pasta box does not arrive on the doorstep, the Barilla has a full library of recipes that can inspire home cooks to create the most delicious meals. While grandma’s gravy might be steeped in secrecy, the Barilla chefs are always willing to open the kitchen and share their tips and tricks.

Given pasta’s versatility, it can go from breakfast, lunch and dinner. For anyone who hasn’t turned leftovers from dinner into a hearty breakfast needs to consider that option. That pasta and egg scramble can be a delicious alternative to hash.

Plus, with just a handful of fresh ingredients, the pasta can shine. It adapts to a myriad of flavors. From a robust Italian meal to a spicy Asian noodle dish, there is no limit to the creative recipe ideas waiting to be explored.

Ready for pasta season? Barilla will stock the pantry. The only thing left is to turn on the oven.