EPCOT 40th anniversary food celebrates its past and future

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
(Photo by Joseph Prezioso/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

While the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival continues to draw guests, October 1 marks a big celebration for part of Disney Parks. As EPCOT turns 40, the Disney theme park is in the middle of a transformation. Even if the green walls hide a view of what is to come, the EPCOT 40th anniversary food is a reason to make a special visit.

For a few days on and around the October 1 celebration, the EPCOT 40th anniversary food blends a few offerings from the past and new innovations that will capture foodies’ attention. Similar to how the theme park looks to the future while rooted in the past, these specialty dishes unite both sentiments on the plate.

As reported by Disney Parks blog, the specialty dishes and beverages will be available at select locations throughout EPCOT. Similar to other EPCOT festivals, the visual is just as important as the flavor. The vibrant colors of these food offerings showcase that it is going to be a big celebration.

What are the EPCOT 40th anniversary food offerings?

While these dishes are subject to change, the EPCOT 40th anniversary food offerings include locations throughout the theme park. From the reimagined Connections Café to Space 220 restaurant, there are sweet, savory and refreshing items on the menu.

Probably the most sought-after treat and souvenir will be the EPCOT 40th Fiesta Margarita at Choza de Margarita. The layered margarita in the souvenir cup might become as popular as those infamous popcorn buckets.

For the most creative treat, the Space 220 dessert that is bursting with flavor. Crema Catalana has a sweetness from vanilla, a brightness from citrus and a spicy note from ginger. It hits all the flavors on the palate in a creative way.

Since Figment needed to be represented in this food celebration, the Figment Sponge Cake at Sunshine Seasons is a must try, even just for the picture. The roll-cake with honey lime mousse is light and refreshing.

Bringing a taste of EPCOT history, EPCOT 40th Saketini is a sip of a beverage that appeared when the Japan Pavillion first opened. This version with its color denoting the EPCOT night sky combines butterfly pea flower and sake for a luscious sipper.

A complete list of offerings can be found on the Disney Parks blog. While these food options are available for a very limited time, they are also subject to change. In addition, theme park reservations are required for Disney Parks guests.

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Do you remember your first food experience at EPCOT? What is your favorite EPCOT food festival?