Simple tips to tame the food cabinet and simplify weeknight cooking

A little chef cooking in the kitchen (Photo by Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images)
A little chef cooking in the kitchen (Photo by Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images) /

As the school bus arrives, the mad dash through the front door is more than a whirlwind of backpacks flying and kids racing to the after-school activities. It is visual representation that food needs to be easy to grab, quick on the table, and flavorful to capture everyone attention for at least one minute. With a few food cabinet tips from The Home Edit and Bush’s Beans, simple and easy weeknight cooking can be checked off the to-do list.

Getting food on the table with the least amount of hassle is never an easy task. From satisfying everyone’s flavor preferences to being efficient, the balancing act is trickier than juggling all those ingredients. But, it can and should be done.

Recently, Bush’s Beans and The Home Edit partnered to share tips to create that organized pantry with plenty of Bush’s Sidekicks, which bring the flavor to any meal. Although the picture-perfect pantry might be the envy of many families, finding that roadmap to the end goal is the takeaway that anyone can master.

Simplify weeknight cooking and organize the food cabinet in the process

According to The Home Edit, five tips can streamline pantry organization. While the labeled, stacked bins might look like it takes a tremendous amount of effort, it is easier than spending too long searching for the lost items hidden amongst the chaos.

At the same time, the work is continual. The clutter did not appear overnight, and it could return without a touch of diligence. Appreciating the concept and applying the ideas are a constant process.

First, The Home Edit recommends looking for general categories. A simple road map with enough flexibility makes the organization easier to appreciate and apply. It might not have every possibility, but it can set the tone for the pantry. From shelves to groupings, it finds the categories and encourages people to use them. The concept has to work for the people using it.

Second, clear canisters are part of The Home Edit concept. Being all to visually see all the items in the pantry is key. Nothing falls into those dark cervices to be forgotten. After all, no one wants to buy food only to find it wasted by never being used.

In addition, the clear canisters can be stackable. It adds to the organization and ability to see everything on the shelf.

Third, choosing where to place certain items is key. For example, kids’ grab and go snacks need to be where they can reach them. It makes no sense for those Go-Go Squeeze packets to be on the top shelf. Save that space for the Halloween candy.

Also, consider adding organizational items that make it easy for little hands to grab those items. From clear bins to turntables, a little thought in the beginning can avoid the blank stare and comment that there is nothing to eat.

Fourth, a lunch packing station can make school mornings less stressful. Again, the items that are regularly used are in a space where it makes it easier to grab.

Lastly, having the shelves well stocked with versatile food items, like Bush’s Sidekicks can simplify weeknight cooking. With four different flavors in the line, it can be a side dish, a topper or an ingredient in a favorite recipe.

For those unfamiliar, the Bush’s Sidekicks flavors are: Simmerin’ Caribbean, Taco Fiesta, Southwest Zest, and Rustic Tuscany. As the name suggests, they fit certain flavor categories. From the sweet and savory Simmerin’ Caribbean to the well-seasoned pinto beans in the Southwest Zest, the can brings a boost to any meal.

One of the most versatile flavors, the Rustic Tuscany chickpeas, can be used as a side, an ingredient in a pasta dish, or even toasted as a textural element in a salad. The Mediterranean flavor has great adaptability.

Finally, the Taco Fiesta has just the right amount of chipotle seasoning. With corn and bell peppers, it adds a little extra to a classic taco or a foundation for that burrito bowl. Many home cooks will have multiple uses for this flavor.

In the end, the ability to simplify weeknight cooking is within reach. A well-organized food cabinet, some versatile side dishes and a willingness to be flexible can ensure that there is more time around the table and less time staring at a shelf.