Good Eat’n brings bold flavor to the plant-based snack market with Hot Hot Puffs

Good Eat'n plant based snacks on GoPuff, photo provided by Good 'n Eat
Good Eat'n plant based snacks on GoPuff, photo provided by Good 'n Eat /

Simply put, Good Eat’n is ready to change the conversation within the plant-based snack market. Instead of feeling like some bland snacks are the compromise for a particular healthy eating choice, this snack company wants to drive home the concept that flavorful foods can be plant based. Instead of feeling that life is full of compromises, it is now time to devour what this new company has to offer.

Looking at snack trends, flavor has been a differentiator on the shelf. From the newer globally influenced options to the iconic pop culture flamin’ hot varieties, plain snacks just seem boring. While it should never be spicy just for spicy sake, the snack bag brings the bold to the conversation.

For people who prefer to follow a plant-based lifestyle, the intense flavors have seemed to be missing from the shelf. Although anyone can season a particular recipe to their liking, the snack bag tends to be lacking. Looking to fill that void, Good Eat’n took the challenge and delivered what many vegans have been craving, a Hot Hot Puffs.

Available via the GoPuff site, Good Eat’n is a collaboration NBA All-star and entrepreneur Chris Paul and GoPuff. The plant-based snacks are available in both savory and sweet flavors, including Hot Hot Puffs, Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Puffs, Nacho Cheeze Tortilla Chips, Big Dill Ranch Tortilla Chips, Cookies N Creme Popcorn, Carolina Style BBQ Popcorn and Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds.

The goal with these snacks was to offer “delicious and approachable plant-based alternatives to favorite snacks.” After choosing to become vegan, Paul has been searching for snacks that fill the flavor void. Even though he has seen how a plant-based lifestyle has keep his healthy eating habits on track, sometimes the flavor cravings need to be satisfied.

For many plant-based lifestyle followers, the inability to find a super-hot puff snack has been frustrating. That bold punch of heat with a satisfying crunch is something that some snack lovers just take for granted.

With the Good Eat’n Hot Hot Puffs, that fiery heat delivers a bold snacking experience. With just the right amount of crunch, the flavor totally satisfies. For people who want an inclusive snack for all their guests, this snack brand might be the one to stock in the pantry.

The interesting aspect to this snack line is that it encompasses both savory and sweet options. Given that diversity, it encourages snack fans to try more than just one flavor. If that hot snack is delicious, it gives consumers the confidence to purchase another option because the first one satisfies.

For Chris Paul, he is a big fan of the sweet flavor. The Cookies N Crème Popcorn has become a favorite. That sweet treat feels indulgent but does not derail any healthy eating lifestyle. It captures that classic flavor in the best possible way.

In addition to the line’s variety, the availability to order the snacks via GoPuff is a game changer for consumers. From the couch to the vacation, a tasty snack that fits lifestyle choices is always available. Convenient snacking is at everyone’s fingertips.

Are you ready to open up a bag of Good Eat’n? The flavors will bring you back for another handful.