Most popular restaurants to enjoy a stack on National Pancake Day

The Cinnamon Roll Stak at Staks Pancake Kitchen.Img 0801
The Cinnamon Roll Stak at Staks Pancake Kitchen.Img 0801 /

Whether smothered in syrup or topped with whipped cream, National Pancake Day has many people flipping for those flapjacks. Although that breakfast staple is easy to make at home, many people head to some popular restaurants who have perfected those fluffy wonders. What are the most popular restaurants for pancakes?

While pancakes might be considered a classic breakfast food, limiting a particular menu item to only a specific time of day has become old school. Breakfast for dinner or vice versa has become the norm. Many food rules are being thrown off the table.

Thinking of pancakes, they offer the variety that people crave. From a traditional buttermilk variety to seasonal pumpkin spice to over-the-top candy filled options, that circle holds endless possibilities.

Although mom might be the flipping master at home, some popular restaurants are always ready to fill the plate for National Pancake Day and beyond. But, which brands call diners to their table?

According to a recent survey by Luvly.Care, the most popular restaurants for pancakes are IHOP, Perkins, Denny’s, Cracker Barrel, and The Original Pancake House. While there are plenty of local restaurants that could fill this list, the focus is bigger chains that have a presence across the nation.

Given that IHOP usually does its National Pancake Day promotion, it makes sense that it would capture people’s attention for both the food holiday. In addition, when the brand’s name has pancakes, it is assumed that it makes a good pancake.

Whether it is that classic short stack or those Minion themed menu items from earlier this summer, IHOP mixes up great flavors with creativity. Even its seasonal offerings are a reason to make a special trip.

Looking at the rest of the list, it is surprising that Cracker Barrel did not beat out Denny’s. Even though Denny’s has captured people’s attention with its value, the downhome, country store vibe from Cracker Barrell has its appeal. Maybe people got distracted by those rocking chairs.

From National Pancake Day to any day, the popular restaurants are ready to flip a stack for guests. The only question on the table is how do you top those fluffy, golden forkfuls?