Heinz Tomato Blood is back to splatter plates for Halloween

Heinz Blood Ketchup, photo provided by Heinz
Heinz Blood Ketchup, photo provided by Heinz /

While a classic television song might talk sing about creepy and kooky, Heinz Tomato Blood is putting those sentiments on the plate. As the Tomato Blood bottles hit store shelves, again, everyone is ready to bring that spooky condiment to the table. What will you splatter with this Halloween favorite?

Even though the gourd might have taken over the shelf in August, Halloween is more than just a pumpkin patch. Spooky food sets the scene, invites a tone, and allows people to play with their food. Although some theme parks might push the envelope with ingredients, everyone can conjure a little creepy slant on a dish.

Over the past two Halloween seasons, Heinz Tomato Blood has been a favorite with young and old. Although the condiment inside the bottle might not have changed its recipe, the label makes it fun. The Halloween-themed limited-edition bottle could inspire some creative seasonal dishes.

Heinz has partnered with vegetarian vampire influencer, Toby, to entice some people to take a big bite of this Halloween offering. Follow the hashtag #HeinzTomatoBlood on Instagram and TikTok, but it could cause an insatiable thirst.

Toby, the 280 year-old vegetarian vampire, influencer and Tomato Blood activist said, “Being a vegetarian vampire and only eating Heinz Tomato Blood comes with a lot of misconceptions. I hope that by issuing a PSA, vampires nationwide will consider that humans can be more than just food and give friendship a chance while enjoying a tasty alternative.”

For anyone attending Six Flags Fright Fest, a special menu item will be available this October. The Totally Loaded “Bloody” Nacho Fries will feature Heinz Tomato Blood. While it might be good to have a few napkins at the ready with this dish, the flavor totally satisfies.

And, for those people who might not be near a Six Flags Fright Fest, why not use that dish as some spooky inspiration. From a Dracula inspired drizzle on the plate or turning that hot dog into a spooky “frankenfooter,” the options are many.

While there is a little cheekiness in the seasonal offering, the Heinz Tomato Blood is all about making memories around the table. That sense of playfulness can be forgotten. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and just embrace the moment. And, it does not have to wait to the witching hour. Maybe this idea will spark a new commitment to add a little whimsy to any meal.

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The Heinz Tomato Blood will be on store shelves for a limited time. The suggested retail price is $2.99. heck with local retailers for availability.