Move over Jim Cantore, Publix Hurricane Cakes have come to town

(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images) /

While a hurricane is never a laughing matter, sometimes a little humor can be the calm in the storm. As Florida braces for its first major hurricane of the season, plans are coming into shape. With water bottles flying off the shelves, storm shutters going up and other preparations being made, Floridians look for other signs of a major storm. As the Jim Cantore memes start to appear across social media, another Florida favorite might be the real sign to batter down the hatches. Public Hurricane Cakes are here.

Publix often says that shopping is a pleasure at its stores. Beyond the obsession over Pub Subs or maybe a craving for that fried chicken, many people know that the Publix bakery department is a favorite. Beyond the fact that the bakers use premium butter in its recipes and the variety in the case is impressive for a grocery store, it is the humor that some cake decorators.

The tradition of Publix Hurricane Cakes has been met with both cheers and jeers. From layered cakes to cookie cakes, there have been many versions over the years. Some people have been vocal that they might be in bad taste, others thinks that the desserts are hurricane prep essentials.

The cake decorators have offered their creative interpretations. From hurricane prep lists to a message for a storm to wobble in a different direction, sometimes humor can be a way for people to handle the stressful situation.

Some Floridians stock the house with some comfort food as they batten down the hatches for a storm. Even though everyone knows the importance of bottled water, canned food and other important supplies. The comfort food, like cakes, snacks and other treats, can make those days in house a little more bearable. Just make sure there are enough treats to avoid any bickering around the table.

To be clear, the humor of a Publix Hurricane Cake is not meant for anyone to ignore the Hurricane warnings. Preparing for the storm, heeding evacuation notices, and staying safe is the utmost priority.

Maybe someone should bring Jim Cantore a Publix Hurricane Cake. Who doesn’t want the storm to pass without significant damage.