Mr Coffee and AJ McLean want to latte the right way

Mr. Coffee Latte, photo provided by Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee Latte, photo provided by Mr. Coffee /

While the alarm clock might not have the most melodic tone, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee can entice many people out of their slumber. From the perfectly brewed, simple black coffee to the milky latte, the ways to enjoy that iconic beverage are many. Luckily, Mr Coffee and AJ McLean want to ensure that your cup is brewed your way.

As many coffee drinkers appreciate, a great tasting beverage is rooted in craft. From choosing the right coffee beans to the water’s temperature, all those elements come together in that first sip. Using the right kitchen essential can help the whole process.

The Mr Coffee Latte puts the craft coffee experience in the home kitchen. With a 4-in-1 Functionality, the favorite coffee can brew a latte, cappuccino, iced coffee drink and more with one device. No need for an app, pricey cost, or inconvenience of leaving the house.

As Chris Robins, Business Unit CEO, Home Appliances at Newell Brands (parent company of Mr. Coffee) said, “Coffee drinkers are looking to have it all when it comes to their favorite beverages and being able to easily customize their coffee at the click of a button is a priority. The Mr. Coffee® Latte’s innovative design and brewing capability allows everyone to become their own at-home barista by creating any drink on the menu including lattes, cappuccinos, iced, and hot coffee drinks.”

From that seasonal favorite latte to a refreshing afternoon pick me up, the compact design and pod-free brewing fits into any space. From being less wasteful to being cost-effective, many people are learning to appreciate that a great tasting coffee does not require a plastic lid and a cardboard cup holder.

To encourage more people to have a latte their way, Mr Coffee has partnered with AJ McLean to celebrate everyone’s beverage individuality. As seen on social media, sharing a favorite coffee drink could become a tune of a lifetime.

According to McLean, “I’m pumped to be partnering with Mr. Coffee for the #IWantItLatte Sweepstakes to show how everyone can have their coffee their way. My go-to brew is a sugar-free white mocha, and I love that I can use my Mr. Coffee Latte to make it right at home or while I’m on tour. I can’t wait to see – and sing – fans’ coffee orders!”

Whether that song is pitch perfect or needs a little work, the promotion brings a little lighthearted twist to a daily ritual. Sure, some people might stare bleary eyed at the machine as they patiently wait for that first drop. But, by the end of the perfectly brewed coffee, everyone is hitting the high notes.

More information on the I Wanna Latte promotion can be found on social media. The Mr Coffee Latte can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and Meijer for a suggested price of $139.99.