Pepsi and Chloe Bailey cut loose with Pepsi Soda Shop

Chloe Bailey partners with Pepsi, photo provided by Pepsi
Chloe Bailey partners with Pepsi, photo provided by Pepsi /

After offering beverage fans an opportunity to pour their perfect S’mores beverage, another sip of nostalgia is back in the cooler. Chloe Bailey hits the dance floor with a modern take on the Pepsi Soda Shop flavors. Ready to cut loose and crack open a can?

When Pepsi launched its Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop flavors, it offered a soundtrack to the nostalgic vibe. More than the sweet flavors that invited a sip, the blend of old and new set to an invigorating beat that made people take notice.

With the return to the Pepsi Soda Shop, the iconic cola partners with Chloe Bailey to hit the dance floor. While some of the moves might be familiar, the refreshing flavor is far from stale. As Bailey offers a modern take on that infamous Footloose dance scene, it is more than just a blast from the past. It captures what Pepsi does best, finding that connection between food and culture.

As Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi said “To celebrate this ‘Modern Take on a Classic,’ we thought that Chlöe was the perfect musician to work with to reimagine the iconic classic song ‘Footloose’ with this unapologetically fun music video. With her unique vocals, energetic dancing and unequaled stage presence, Chlöe is a dynamic musician who took this project to another level – and with the choreography of icon Sean Bankhead, we think this music video is going to have fans – new and old – unapologetically enjoying as they watch and participate on TikTok.”

Beyond inviting people to get up and move, the Pepsi Soda Shop offerings returning to the shelf are reason to celebrate. While these cans may not be served by the soda jerk, the classic, sweeter flavors evoke a simple time. It was about enjoying the refreshment in the glass, spending time with friends and putting the other worries aside. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the ones that will always resonate.

In addition to the Cream Soda and Black Cherry flavors, Pepsi has added a Zero Sugar Cream Soda Cola. This option ensures that a wide audience can enjoy that sweetness without any negative thoughts venturing into the refreshment.

While these Pepsi flavors are perfect on their own, it is another example of a beverage that goes with anything and everything and it might spark some creative food pairings. Beyond the simple idea of an ice cream float or infusing a chocolate cake with the beverage, why can’t the Pepsi Soda Shop venture into the savory side, too.

Although the soda shop might be about the burger and fries, what about a salty sweet combination. The vanilla ice cream like flavor is easily paired with some pretzels or even a pork chop with a coffee crust for a more robust offering.

The Pepsi Soda Shop flavors are a seasonal item for the cola brand. Both 20oz bottles and 12 oz cans are available now.

While Footloose gave many people plenty of reasons to dance, Pepsi Soda Shop is giving everyone another reason to show off their fancy footwork.