Milano just gave its Hot Cocoa holiday cookies a flavor upgrade

New Milano Cookies, Hazelnut Hot Cocoa holiday cookies photo provided by Pepperidge Farms
New Milano Cookies, Hazelnut Hot Cocoa holiday cookies photo provided by Pepperidge Farms /

For many people, that Milano Cookie is part of their “me time.” From stolen moments away from the kids to a little treat to end the day, the simplicity of the classic cookies is always a treat. As the holidays approach, favorite flavors fill the pantry. With the winter chill in the air, warm, comforting beverages and food are abundant. Luckily, the new Milano Hazelnut Hot Cocoa holiday cookies bring the sweetness to any day.

Over the years, the Milano Hot Cocoa cookies have been a holiday favorite. While the mint flavor might still reign supreme throughout the year, the reality is that a seasonal twist adds to the excitement. From that first taste to hiding a bag away from prying hands, the special flavors are like a little present to unwrap.

This holiday season, Milano Cookies has released a new flavor, Hazelnut Hot Cocoa holiday cookies. Whether this flavor is a little fancier, flavorful or just a boost in decadence can be debated. The most important aspect is that the flavor is delicious.

Sandwiching this combination with the classic Milano cookie is delightful. The crisp, yet sandy cookie gives way to the rich center filling. It is hard not to smile bite after bite.

A chocolate hazelnut combination is classic. From desserts to beverages, the flavor combination works because the nuttiness balances the chocolate’s richness. Highlighting this combination in a hot cocoa option amplifies not just the eating enjoyment but also the potential food pairings. From that simple coffee on a chilly afternoon to a dessert cocktail to end the evening, the options are plentiful.

The Milano Hazelnut Hot Cocoa holiday cookies will arrive on store shelves this October. Check with local retailers for pricing and availability.

Ready to kick off the holiday food season? What holiday flavors bring that cheer to the table?