Reese’s University hits the field with Reese’s Footballs and new recruits

Reese's Footballs, photo provided by Reeese's
Reese's Footballs, photo provided by Reeese's /

When people describe themselves, their name is often coupled with a multitude of descriptions. For athletes, their name is emblazoned on their jersey, shouted by coaches and cheered by fans. At Reese’s University, Reese is going to be not just on the front of that Fighting Cuppies jersey but on the back too because these new recruits are ready to drive Reese’s Footballs to a big win.

For some people, their college is more than four years of higher education. It is part of who they are. Beyond hanging that diploma on the wall, it is the colors worn on game day, the chant known by heart, and the pride that comes with being an alum.

With college athletes, the tie can be even stronger. As they represent their school on the field, the pride grows. Fans cheer their name, and these athletes give their all for every play.

Reese’s and Reese’s University understand that college athletes can use some support. As recent NCAA rules have changed, NIL contracts (name, image, likeness) allow those student athletes to obtain monetary support off the field.

While companies can choose who and how they sign particular athlete partnerships, Reese’s took a logical approach to a recent announcement. It is time for Reese’s to support Reese.

In a recent announcement, the iconic candy company “recruited” several college athletes to Team Reese’s. These players include:

  • Andrew Reese, Defensive Back, Delaware State University
  • Brody Reese, Defensive Lineman, University of Tulsa
  • Cameron Reese, Defensive End, Troy University
  • Courtney Reese, Running Back, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • David Reese, Linebacker, University of Florida
  • James Reese IV, Defensive Back, Tennessee State University
  • John Reese Bellew, Safety, Auburn University
  • Max Reese, Tight End, Eastern Michigan University
  • Michael Reese, Defensive End, Duke University
  • Otis Reese, Safety, University of Mississippi
  • Quinton Reese, Safety, Liberty University
  • Richard Reese, Running Back, Baylor University

As Reese’s athletic director, PB Letterman said, “If anyone knows what snack in college football is the best, it’s going to be this team of athletes and it’s going to be Reese’s Footballs. Like I always say, the name on the front of the jersey is very important, but the name on the back can be great too.”

New Reese’s University recruits get some Reese’s Footballs

While every contract has its perks, the signing bonuses for Reese’s University recruits are quite sweet. In addition to those Reese’s Footballs, there are a variety of other branded items. From a special chain to Cup-Links, these college athletes will be all decked out in the Cuppies’ finest.

Even though everyone may not have the athletic prowess to take the field, everyone can enjoy the Reese’s Footballs. The iconic peanut butter cup has taken on a football shape. From a special treat for that big fourth quarter win to a mid-week surprise to spark momentum for Saturday’s game, there are plenty of reasons to keep three, seven or more at the ready.

For now, it is time to get the game day cheer ready. The Fighting Cuppies are ready to take the field with their Reese’s recruits. Will you raise some Reese’s Footballs in their honor?