How the eggs new food definition could impact the recipes on your table

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(Photo illustration by Brandon Bell/Getty Images) /

For many homes, eggs are a staple. From scrambled at breakfast to an ingredient in various recipes, there is often at least one dozen in the refrigerator. While some people look to healthy eating and balanced nutritional choices to fill their plate, appreciating the hows and whys one food should be on the plate can be complicated. The eggs new food definition can help clarify why eggs need to be part of that healthy food conversation.

The FDA oversees many food terms, regulations and other related matters. Over the years, the term “healthy” has been redefined. As scientists and dieticians evolve the conversation regarding nutrients and their impact, the organization needs to reclassify some foods.

According to the Dietary Guidelines, 2020-2025 for inclusion in a healthy dietary pattern, eggs fall under the definition of a “healthy criteria.” The new definition will focus on important nutrients that should be part of the daily food intact. Some of these nutrients include vitamin D, essential fatty acids and choline.

The American Egg Board believes that eggs now fit that “healthy food definition.” Even in the FDA’s proposed rules, eggs should meet the “healthy criteria.”

While people debate how specific food terms can or should be applied, the reality is that families often need easy and available foods that can be incorporated into many meals. Even though food television and celebrity chefs might impress with the elevated recipes, the reality is that most home cooks crave approachable food choices. Eggs are one of those options.

Looking at the American Egg Board, the organization has long touted the versatility that eggs offer. Beyond the annual Egg Roll celebration at the White House, the Incredible Egg is not limited to that springtime celebration. A quick browse of the organization’s website shows a plethora of recipes. From simple recipes that can be made in minutes to elevated ideas that will impress at a holiday celebration, the term “Incredible Egg” might be an understatement.

For now, the FDA proposed definition could impact how some people look at eggs. Having another healthy eating option is a choice that will have many people cheering.