DoorDash is filling up the Halloween candy bowl for free

Variety of candy at Trunk or TreatHalloween Candy
Variety of candy at Trunk or TreatHalloween Candy /

As anticipation grows for the spookiest day of the year, DoorDash has the sweetest offer for everyone. Ready to get some free Halloween candy? This special offering could ensure that the candy bowl is overflowing.

While everyone might have a favorite Halloween candy or may even “borrow” some particular candy from the kids’ Trick or Treat bag, the reality is that no one wants to turn the porch light off because there is nothing left to give out. As many people appreciate food costs impact the family budget, which can influence how much candy is purchased this year. Luckily, DoorDash is helping to give customers a sweet offer for the spooky season.

Now through October 17, DoorDash is offering the chance to win free Halloween candy. The giveaway is relatively simple. Share a Halloween memory, tradition, or favorite moment with DoorDash and use the hashtags, #NeighborhoodNostalgia and #sweepstakes.

In some ways, this promotional idea builds on the food and culture trend of nostalgia. From favorite flavors to bringing back popular menu items, life is being flavored with those favorite memories.

While this look back might bring smiles all around, it could inspire some Halloween fun. Why not step back into the past for this year’s costume or decor.

While only some people will win that free Halloween candy, DoorDash is looking to simplify the Halloween season. A quick browse of the website shows a variety of promotions on seasonal essentials. From pet costumes to décor to even some adult beverages, everything for that party is at the ready.

Of course, the Halloween candy is on the list, too. Although it might be best not to wait till the doorbell rings to place that order.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Do you have a Halloween tradition that makes the holiday spooky and sweet?