Le Creuset Rhône brings lush ambiance to the holiday table

New Le Creuset Rhône photo provided by Le Creuset
New Le Creuset Rhône photo provided by Le Creuset /

For many people, Le Creuset is the epitome of culinary elegance. While many people might have saved for that first Dutch Oven decades ago, each new hue brings an excitement to add to the collection. With the new Le Creuset Rhône, the new color collection adds a level of elegance that home cooks will envy.

Over the years, the kitchen color palette has evolved. Home design can vary from crisp, clean whites and pristine countertops to bold, vibrant colors that capture the eye. Even though each option is a personal expression, the reality is that people’s tastes change over time. Even those shades of grey might need a pop of color.

Le Creuset has a robust color palette. Over the years, the brand has both balanced trends and forged its own path. From the delicate ombre colors to modern designs, there is an offering to appeal to any and every home cook.

With the newest offering, the Le Creuset Rhône is inspired by the Cote du Rhône region. Wine drinkers might be familiar with this French locale. Known for its Grenache, the historic wine region has various wine makers who continue to celebrate the craft. Whether it is the legend of relics of Saint Valentine who is said to protect the vines or the terroir, the wines rich, luscious red color entices wine drinkers to take another sip.

Inspired by that region, the newest Le Creuset color invokes that richness. The hue adds a lavish note. While some might say that it mimics the juiciness of the wine, the red, plum tones are also comforting. It invites the home cook into the kitchen and inspires them to pull out a recipe steeped in tradition.

Adding this color going into the holiday season is smart. The cool temperatures have some people longing for warm, comforting foods and colors. The Le Creuset Rhône captures that concept. With a gold knob, there is luxury yet approachability. It almost feels as if the piece was passed down from grandma.

The new Le Creuset Rhône is available in stores now. In addition to the classic Dutch Oven, the color is available across a variety of the brand’s signature pieces.