Le Creuset celebrates the love of self expression with its new offering

Le Creuset: L’OVEn Is in The Air, photo provided by Le Creuset
Le Creuset: L’OVEn Is in The Air, photo provided by Le Creuset /

That first purchase of a Le Creuset Dutch Oven is more than just an investment in a kitchen essential. While many cooks appreciate that the brand is a leader in the cast iron category it is more than just another purchase. In many ways that purchase is all about self expression and the newest design celebrates that concept.

The Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn features a multi-color heart applique. While the white background sparkles, the colorful hearts flutter across the design. In many ways, the design is a statement beyond the stove.

The color story of this brand has always been part of its calling. While everyone appreciates the craftsmanship of the cookware, it is more than just buying another pot. The purchase is made with thought and care because of the colors.

While the brand has a rainbow of colors and periodically new colors join the vast palette offerings, people use that color as a way to express their personality. From a favorite color to matching their kitchen décor, that Dutch Oven is often the centerpiece of the kitchen. Beyond the food that comes out of it, just looking at that piece should elicit smiles.

Le Creuset new dutch oven
Le Creuset: L’OVEn Is in The Air, photo provided by Le Creuset /

Thinking about the new Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn, the piece lends itself to a kitchen conversation. Whether cooks use this item as the starting point for their collection, add to their color story or just like the design, there is a subtle message fluttering around those hearts.

In addition to food being the universal language, many people feel that food is an expression of love. With the multi-color hearts, this Dutch Oven can stand as a reminder than any and all food coming out of that kitchen is made with love. From the most delicious dish to even the less successful ones, the reality is making a meal for someone comes from the heart.

The Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn has a suggested retail price of $380. It is available online, at the brand’s signature stores and at Willams-Sonoma.

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