Coffee mate brings two iconic sweet flavors to the coffee mug

New Coffee mate flavors, photo provided by Coffee mate
New Coffee mate flavors, photo provided by Coffee mate /

Coffee mate is always looking to turn that black coffee into a flavorful experience. From seasonal offerings to brand collaborations, the first sip needs to capture people’s attention. Beyond the warmth that holding the mug offers, that coffee beverage needs bring a sipping satisfaction. With these two new iconic sweet flavors, coffee time is even more exciting.

As seen in a recent company announcement, Coffee mate is adding Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts flavored creamer and Zero Sugar TWIX flavored creamer. Both of these options lean into the food mash-up craze that seems to be filling the shelf. Whether these options are drunk on their own, paired with their food flavor namesake, or given another creative spin, the reality is that the variety adds excitement to the coffee creamer space.

According to Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Leader of the Creamer Business Unit, “Coffee mate fans are always looking for fun, new flavors and we feel that each of these limited-edition collaborations uniquely meets that mark. Pop-Tarts and Twix are both iconic brands in their own right, so we’re excited to bring each of these flavors to the creamer aisle. Plus, with consumers’ ever-growing interest in zero sugar options, we hope introducing Twix to our portfolio of zero sugar offerings is an added bonus for fans!”

While Pop-Tarts and butter might be the pairing that got everyone talking, this flavor combination is one that everyone can appreciate. The sweet icing note rounds out the coffee. With a warmth from the cinnamon, it is comforting.

When America’s #1 coffee creamer combines with America’s #1 toaster pastry, the result is a beverage that everyone will want to pour. Whether or not people enjoy Pop-Tarts with that coffee is up to them.

The Coffee mate Zero Sugar TWIX brings all the flavor of the sweet coffee creamer that people love but without the sugar. The sweet caramel and the rich milk chocolate blend welcome that first taste. With a buttery cookie note to end the enjoyment, it almost makes people wish that they could have another cup.

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Check with local retailers for availability and pricing. These flavors join other Coffee mate offerings.