Barilla Al Bronzo upgrades pasta recipes through thoughtful innovation

Barilla® Reimagines Premium Pasta with Micro-Engraved, Bronze-Die Cut Al Bronzo Line
Barilla® Reimagines Premium Pasta with Micro-Engraved, Bronze-Die Cut Al Bronzo Line /

For many home cooks, dried pasta is a pantry staple. From a simple spaghetti and tomato sauce to a penne chicken alfredo, a single pasta box brings a multitude of options. With the new Barilla Al Bronzo, the elevated pasta option adds a new layer of innovation to any pasta recipe.

Barilla has been a leader in boxed pasta. While many home cooks have come to trust the pantry staple, it is more than just a simple dinner waiting to be enjoyed. The brand has long appreciated the concept that good food can bring joy around the table.

With the newest offering from the brand, Barilla Al Bronzo looks to make a splash beyond the pot. As Melissa Tendick, Vice President of Marketing, Barilla Americas said, “Al Bronzo represents a new step forward on the path of innovation for Barilla. This is a one-of-a-kind product that has the ability to elevate any meal with extraordinary texture and taste.”

Available in six pasta cuts, the difference with this offering is the particular dough forming method. By using “micro-engraved bronze die method of forming the dough,” each piece of pasta can absorb every flavor and nuance of a sauce. Beyond choosing the right cut of pasta for a particular sauce, this technology ensures that each bite is fully composes.

Barilla Al Bronzo
Barilla® Reimagines Premium Pasta with Micro-Engraved, Bronze-Die Cut Al Bronzo Line /

Where can pasta lovers buy a box of Barilla Al Bronzo?

As part of this year’s Pasta Month celebration, the new Barilla pasta will be available on Amazon. In addition, the premium offering will join additional retail shelves in 2023.

To celebrate the new product, Barilla partnered with Nordstrom Restaurants to highlight the ingredient in select menu items. Speaking to the exclusive partnership, Keith Brunell, Director of Food and Beverage at Nordstrom, said “Upgrading our customers’ favorite pasta recipes with Al Bronzo pasta has made the dishes even more delicious and craveable.”

Guests can choose from Squash and Pancetta Penne, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and a stir-fry style Sweet & Spicy Steak dish. Looking at these offerings, it is a reminder that pasta is not limited to Italian or Mediterranean style dishes. That spaghetti can easily be used in an Asian noodle dish. One ingredient does not have to be pigeonholed into a particular style or cuisine.

Since this new pasta was designed to better hold sauce, home cooks should consider finishing the pasta’s cooking in the sauce. For example, cooking the pasta 1-2 minutes less in the boiling water and finishing the cooking in the sauce can help the whole dish come together in a delightful way.

There is no need to leave the sauce behind when enjoying a pasta dish. With the new Barilla Al Bronzo, the innovative pasta is ready to get saucy one bite at a time.

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