KFC Buffalo Ranch is a match made in sauce heaven

KFC Buffalo Ranch, photo provided by KFC
KFC Buffalo Ranch, photo provided by KFC /

While the iconic 11 herbs and spices on that fried chicken is finger licking good, the newest sauce to join the menu has everyone cheering. The KFC Buffalo Ranch is waiting for its perfect pairing.

Many people have preferred dipping sauce. Some people like tangy options and others prefer to bring the heat. For those people who want both flavors in a single sauce, the choices were lacking.

KFC Buffalo Ranch is the combination that some people have made on their own. Now, the popular quick service restaurant has it ready and available for any dipping occasion.

According to Nick Chavez, CMO KFC U.S., “The internet has already called buffalo sauce and ranch one of the best combinations ever made, so we’ve combined spicy and cool into perfect Buffalo Ranch harmony.”

While this flavor combination is delicious on some chicken tenders, it can boost the flavor in a variety of menu items. From dipping some fries or even being mixed into mac and cheese, there are many uses.

Since KFC Buffalo Ranch is a flavor match, the new sauce is inspiring others to find their perfect match. Staring on October 21, Tinder members can answer the “What’s Your Sauce Style?” quiz. Whether or not those answers create more positive swipes remains to be seen but finding a commonality with others can be a step in the right direction.

While this Tinder and KFC partnership might be unexpected, it could be the spark to change up the typical dating experience. As Stephanie Danzi, SVP of Global Marketing at Tinder said, “We know our members are connecting over food – being a ‘foodie’ is one of the top Interests they add to their profiles. So we love partnering up with KFC to add more to the mix and give daters a chance at an epic first date.”

To keep this perfect pairing theme going, KFC is offering Tinder Tender Meals. A meal for two, the menu item includes “six Extra Crispy tenders, two individual sides, two warm and flaky biscuits, and two medium beverages.” Of course, the special meal is paired with the Buffalo Ranch sauce. It is clear that this meal is about celebrating that perfect pair. The exclusive Tinder Tender meal is available via the KFC app or online.

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Ready to bring the flavor to the 11 herbs and spices? What other sauces would you like to see added to the KFC menu?