Pizza Hut Melts are the ultimate meal for just one person, only

New Pizza Hut Melts, photo provided by Pizza Hut
New Pizza Hut Melts, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Sometimes ordering a whole pizza for just one person is too much food. While pizza for breakfast might be a great option for leftovers, others would prefer to have just a single meal. With the new Pizza Hut Melts, it is time for a pizza party for just one person.

The new Pizza Hut Melts is almost like a folded a single serve pizza. The signature Thin N’ Crispy crust is smothered with classic pizza toppings. Then it is folded over and baked. The Melts are served with a dipping sauce.

Available in four options, Pepperoni Lover’s, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Bacon Parmesan and Meat Lover’s, everyone will have a favorite. While the traditional pizza flavors might have a broader appeal, the Buffalo Chicken and Chicken Bacon Parmesan show that this new menu item is not meant to be just another pizza offering. Then again, maybe it is time to rethink traditional pizza flavors.

Given that this Pizza Hut menu item is meant to be dipped, it will be interesting to see which sauce is the most popular. From that classic pizza sauce to ranch, there are plenty of possibilities. Looking at the four flavors, all of them would work with a variety of sauces.

To celebrate this party of one meal, Pizza Hut is inviting people to sign a MDA, Melts Disclosure Agreement. The MDA states that no one will share images of the Pizza Hut Melts, both on socials and in real life.

For many people, this decision not to snap and post that meal might be a big sacrifice. While there could be a $100 prize to stop oversharing, others might not find that dollar amount enough to keep them from enticing the world to place that order.

Whether this new Pizza Hut menu item celebrates the party of one, a dippable pizza option or just some variety on the Pizza Hut menu, the reality is that everyone needs to try it at least once. It is time to dip into the pizza creative and maybe enjoy a new slice of the single life.

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