Uber Eats has a simple way for no one to run out of Halloween candy

Uber Eats and Keke Palmer in the clip Don't Run Out, photo provided by Uber Eats
Uber Eats and Keke Palmer in the clip Don't Run Out, photo provided by Uber Eats /

On Halloween night, there is nothing more disheartening than an unlit porch. That light off is more than just someone who forgot to flip the switch. It is a sign that the Halloween candy bowl is empty. Whether or not the tricks come to that darkened door remains to be seen, but Uber Eats has a solution. This year, there is no excuse because you don’t have to run out.

Purchasing the right amount of Halloween candy can be hard. While it might be acceptable to enjoy a piece of two before the spookiest day, some people do not have the best willpower when it comes to keeping that bag shut. The early buy could lead to less in the bowl when it truly matters.

Heading to the store in the middle of the fun may not be the best option. Sure, the take a treat bowl might be at the mercy of the neighborhood children, but an empty bowl is never a good sign. For anyone who remembers the rules of Trick or Treat (the movie), Halloween candy is serious business.

This spooky season does not need to be filled with frights thanks to Uber Eats. In addition to being that sweet savior on the day, the brand is giving away $1M Uber Eats credits.

In partnership with Keke Palmer and director Dan Trachtenburg, the go-to service has created a compelling Halloween video that has people watching over and over again. Whether it tells a tale about candy corn, a spooky legend or uncovers some of those special credits, people cannot keep their eyes off the screen. How many credits can you spot?

Whether that song about the candy snatchers sticks in people’s heads or no one wants to tempt fate, the reality is that having an option to ensure that the Halloween candy bowl never runs out is important. Luckily, Uber Eats is ready to deliver.

In addition, the possibility of redeeming those special promotional codes will have many people excited. After all, the spooky season isn’t always about tricks. Treats are on the menu, too, especially for the candy snatchers.

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