Firehouse Subs Prime Rib Steak Sub brings five-star flavor to the menu

Prime Rib Steak Sub from Firehouse Subs
Prime Rib Steak Sub from Firehouse Subs /

Joining the steakhouse trend across quick service restaurants, Firehouse Subs Prime Rib Steak Sub is a hearty bite. Borrowing techniques from fine dining restaurants, the flavor is robust and one that could have guests coming back time and again. Ready to place that order?

Even though guests want convenient, easy meals, no one wants to compromise on taste. Recently, the drive-thru has begun to elevate that simple bite with big flavor. Whether the pub or the fine dining establishment influences the dish, it is more than just another sandwich.

With the new Firehouse Subs Prime Rib Steak Sub, the menu item was influenced by Chef Gerard Bertholon, who is a pioneer of sous vide cooking. Working with Chef Jay Miller, Firehouse Subs Director of Product Development, the pair looked to maximize the flavor through the controlled cooking technique.

As Chef Miller shared, “What makes a steak great isn’t just the chef that prepares it – it’s the cut, the care and time that goes into bringing out the flavor. In order to bring that same five-star flavor to every Prime Rib Steak Sub, we had to find a partner who puts as much attention into every detail as we do at Firehouse Subs. That meant working very closely to make sure we developed the correct recipe and cooking method that resulted in a consistent, elevated product that creates an exceptionally high-end sub.”

Specifically, this offering is cooked for up to 12 hours. Once that steak is ready, it is paired with caramelized onions and melted provolone. It is topped with lettuce, tomato, deli mustard and house-made garlic mayo.

Looking at this menu item, the combination of garlic mayo and mustard helps to balance the richness of the steak. While the slowly cooked prime rib steak is perfectly cooked, it needs all the other ingredients to great a balanced bite. The zesty, bright, and robust flavors come together in a perfect way.

The Firehouse Subs Prime Rib Steak Sub is being served at participating restaurants now for a limited time. Check with each location for pricing and availability.